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  • I really like those series since The LEGO Movie series. Now here's my wishlists for the next Batman and Ninjago movie CMF series.

    LEGO Batman Movie CMF Series 3 1.Gala-Dress Barbara Gordon

    2.Patriotic Batman (Uncle Same Batman)


    4.Pilot Joker

    5.Agent Smith (Even's he's not from DC Comics but he appears in the film)

    6.Arctic Batman

    7.Police Training Barbara Gordon (Because I liked the cap with hair combination)

    8.Captain Dale

    9.Disguised Mayor (Batman disguised as Mayor McCaskill)


    11.Friends and Family Barbara Gordon

    12.Friends and Family Riddler

    13.Green Lantern

    14.El Murcielago (Mariachi Batman)

    15.Prom Date Batman


    17.Bat Butler (Alfred in 1966 Batman suit but this time with mask as a tribute to Adam West)

    18.Boo Batman (Batman in Ghost costume)

    19.Krampus Bat (Santa Claus Batman)

    20.St. Batrick (St. Patrick's day batman)

    LEGO Ninjago Movie CMF Series 2

    1. GPL Asimov

    2. Mayor of Ninjago

    3. Shark Army Narwhal

    4. Mrs. Laudita (The teacher from Ninjago high school)

    5. High School Nya (With different expression)

    6. GPL Terri

    7. General Jollty (Unlike the Lady Shark General in Ninjago Movie Series 1 and the normal Shark general in Garmadon's Volcano Lair set, Jollty has a different general torso)

    8. Red Beret General (Same as Jollty)

    9. Crab General

    10. Chen the Cheerleader (Not the villain with the same name)

    11. Ninjago High School Cheerleader (The two female cheerleaders that are next the Chen)

    12. Ninjago Security Officer (The one that seen in the Meowthra scene)

    13. Runaway Groom (The one that seen in the first trailer of LEGO Ninjago movie)

    14. Bridal Misako

    15. Fuchsia Ninja

    16. High School Kai (with different expression)

    17. General Shen (The snake general who fought by Garmadon and Lady Iron Dragon)

    18. Mr. Liu (Based on Jackie Chan's real-world role in the film but his appearance is same as the one from the game in yellow skin)

    19. Radio DJ

    20. Snake Army Brute

    Note: No Angler, Pufferfish, and Hammerhead Generals for this series because they use the same torso as Jollty, the Red Beret guy, and Crab General.

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