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  • here my ideas for lego the loud house sets the loud family house come 11 minifigures lincoln loud lori loud leni loud luna loud luan loud lynn loud jr lucy loud lana loud lola loud lisa loud lily loud lynn loud sr rita loud

      come  living room dining room kitchen rita and lynn sr room lincoln room lori and leni room luna and luan room lynn and lucy room lana and lola room lisa and lily room bathroom basement front garden backyard garage come vanzilla $99.99

    other sets mcbride house come 4 minifigures clyde mcbride lincoln loud howard mcbride harold mcbride come living room dining room kitchen clyde room howard harold room come mcbride car $99.99 other sets mini royal woods mall come leni loud 9.99 Flip's Food & Fuel lincoln loud clyde mcbride flip 19.99 lego minifigures the loud house series 1 1 lincoln loud 2 lori loud 3 leni loud 4 luna loud 5 luan loud 6 lynn loud jr 7 lucy loud 8 lana loud 9 lola loud 10 lisa loud 11 lily loud 12 clyde mcbride 13 ronnie-anne santiago 14 rita loud 15 lynn loud sr 16 bobby santiago 17 pop-pop albert 18 charles 19 cliff 20 mr grouse

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