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  • so i heard that a guy on Reddit calms that he found leaked data about a doom patrol DLC level pack coming to the game in 2019 he said that he couldn't post it due to many legal reasons but he knows which charathers are going to be in this DLC pack the ones he listed were

    robotman, negative man, Elasti-Girl, Crazy Jane, mento, elongated man, Flex Mentallo, Shrapnel and the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man

    so one weird that he told me that elongated man was going to be on the DLC pack which made me wonder if he was even a member of the doom patrol so later on i search about it and it was true elongated man was a member of the doom patrol in the comics believe it or not.

    I do think this might be true that were are getting a doom patrol DLC in the game because after all the doom patrol is getting there on TV show in 2019 so yeah this is most likely true that this DLC pack will come in 2019

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    • I want to believe this is true, but it would mean that it's not part of the Season Pass. Also, I believe Arthur Parsons (Director at TT Games) said there was going to be a Titans DLC. Maybe they'll be free like the female character packs for LEGO Batman 3.

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    • trust me they always add more DLC content in lego games

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