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    • The opens with a major character portrayed by a famous black actor getting attacked by a bad guy who tries to capture a MacGuffin, and the bad guy uses a brainwashing device to turn a nice guy to his side.
    • It then shows a hero who is living a boring life and teams up with a female agent that's wearing a black outfit.
    • The hero and the female ally arrive to a foreign location where one of the characters is disguised but later reveals themselves, and during the fight with the bad guys the so-called "boring" dude and the female agent are saved by a billionaire superhero who comes off as "cool" and has been allies with the female hero.
    • There's also a cyborg-ish guy who has metal organs, and also the heroes soon meet a mythical character who helps them and a flying guy who hacks at one point in the film.
    • The house everyone's in becomes divided against each other with one guy who can fly and a guy who's really huge leaving the scene while an attack ensues with superheroes allying with everyone else against the villains, the villains get what they want and during an anti-climactic moment, the lovable character helping the heroes is killed.
    • During the plan, the billionaire stalls the villain at a billionaire building without his super-suit.
    • As well, the mythycal character also appears present at the tower at one point.
    • The brainwashed guy is unbrainwashed.
    • During the climax, suddenly the MacGuffin opens a portal and one of heroes sacrifices themselves by going into the wormhole and everyone thinks that he is dead.
    • During a battle taking place in the city, one of the heroes tries to sympathise with the villain and also captures the MacGuffin.
    • After the climactic battle, one of the heroes lives a life with someone else while everyone else, well... you know.
    • At the ending sequence, it reveals an alien threat that sets up a villain for a future sequel.
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