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  • Let me know your ideas and possible prices

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    • So are you just looking for any ideas for new or remade sets so long as minidolls aren’t involved?

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    • Yes

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    • As well as CMFs

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    • All righty then:

      New sets

      • Garmadon's Samurai Mech
      Based on the mech seen in the second season of the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu episode "The Last Hope". Would include helmetless Lord Garmadon, Misako, and Final Battle versions of Cole, Jay, and Zane.
      Price: $60+, assuming it would be somewhat larger than 70658 Oni Titan.
      Based on the Overlord's Dragon form seen in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master". Would include Final Battle Lloyd and Kai, redeemed Garmadon, maybe Dareth from 5002144 Dareth vs. Nindroid, and possibly corrupted versions of Nya and the other Ninja.
      Price: $70+, depending on the number of minifigures and wanting the dragon to be as big as-if not bigger than-70593 The Green NRG Dragon.
      Based on the creature as she appears in Curseworld, Part II. Would include Ronin (identical to 70735 Ronin R.E.X. but with hairpiece included), Garmadon (identical to 70750 Ninja DB X), and various Ninja and Ghosts; Possession's characters were fairly well distributed so I don't have any particulars in mind.
      Price: $60+
      • Nya's Elemental Dragon
      Appeared briefly in the series; mostly I think it's just about time Nya got her own dragon set as opposed to the Fusion Dragon. Would come with Ninja Nya (obviously) and an appropriate villain minifig or two.
      Price: $30+; I'd hope it'd be at least as big as 70602 Jay's Elemental Dragon.
      A neat little vehicle seen in Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea; would be nice to get a physical version. Could come with Acronix, Krux, General Machia, Ray, Maya, and maybe 2017 Samurai X and/or Tannin; I always find it annoying when minifigures only appear in one set.
      Price: Not sure on this one, though with all those minifigures it'd probably be a bit steep.


      Almost as sad as Nya's total lack of dragon is the couple of dragons Cole and Kai got back in the Skybound wave. I get that not every dragon can be huge and impressive, but these were downright sad. You'd think they could have at least done something like 70748 Titanium Dragon.
      Price: $20+ each; seems to be the minimum to get a halfway decent dragon build.
      This one is actually more about the Dragon, and the fact that Zane hasn't gotten a full-sized dragon in four years-nor does he look to be getting one this year, as 70678 Castle of the Forsaken Emperor's dragon belongs to the set's titular character. The polybag figure is a neat little dragon, but our favorite ice Ninja could use better. Would include Zane, obviously, maybe Arkade, Skullbreaker, or some show-exclusive dragon hunters and/or Hunted Skylor. Wouldn't say no to a Dragon Hunter vehicle build either.
      Price: $60, falling between the size/figure count of 70652 Stormbringer and 70653 Firstbourne.

      That's all for now; may have some other ideas later.

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    • Good ideas. I was thinking about a Ninjago Legacy CMF, 18 minifigs: 1. Dr. Julien 2. Master Garmadon 3. White Pythor 4. Young Lloyd 5. Nindroid 6. Cyrus Borg 7. Evil Wu 8. Misako 9. Skales 10. Echo Zane 11. Acidicus 12. Fangtom 13. Skalidor 14. Samukai 15. Kozu 16. Kryptor 17. Cryptor 18. Morro

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    • And a DC CMF with 22 minifigs with their DC Super Villains designs: 1. The Ventriloquist with Scarface 2. Deathstroke 3. Klarion with Teekl 4. Harvey Bullock 5. Pride 6. Greed 7. Wrath 8. Envy 9. Kite-Man 10. Psycho-Pirate 11. Ultraman 12. Superwoman 13. Johnny Quick 14. Atomica 15. Sea King 16. Deathstorm 17. Power Ring 18. Grid 19. Owlman 20. Shazam! 21. Billy Batson 22. Condiment King

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    • Ninjago CMF with 20 minifigs: 1. First Spinjitzu Master 2. Elemental Master of Lightning 3. Elemental Master of Earth 4. Elemental Master of Ice 5. Young Wu 6. Young Garmadon 7. Mistaké 8. Mistaké (True Form) 9. Elemental Master of Light 10. Elemental Master of Gravity 11. Gravis 12. Karlof (Metal) 13. Chamille 14. Elemental Master of Shadows 15. Elemental Master of Sound 16. Jacob Pevsner 17. Bolobo 18. Clouse (Young) 19. Doctor Saunders 20. Acronix (Young)

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    • DC Set: Task Force X Jet Black Recolor of Stark Jet 8 Minifigs: Amanda Waller, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Katana, Captain Boomerang, Enchantress, Ravager DC Super Villains designs Around $80

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    • DC Set: Bane's Driller: Big Fig Sized Red Recolor of Mining Heavy Driller: 2 minifigs: Big Fig Bane, Batman (2019): Exclusive Bane: DC Super Villains Design (Big Fig): Around $50

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    • You want to talk CMF series? Ninjago

      • Bathrobe Garmadon
      • Blacksmith Kai
      • Golden Cole
      • Golden Jay
      • Golden Zane
      • Pink Zane
      • Kimono Nya (March of the Oni)
      • Some version of Lloyd (seems obligatory)
      • Nadakhan's father
      • Captain Soto in pirate attire
      • Zugu'rai
      • Anacondrai General
      • Police Commissioner hit up most of the other ones I would suggest. DuckTales/Darkwing Duck

      • Darkwing Duck
      • Webby Vanderquack
      • Goslyn Mallard
      • Launchpad McQuack
      • Negaduck
      • Mrs. Beakley
      • Megavolt
      • Duckworth
      • Bushroot
      • Flintheart Glomgold
      • Quackerjack
      • Gizmoduck
      • Liquidator
      • Beagle Boys (x3?)
      • Morgana McCawber
      • Ma Beagle
      • Honker Muddlefoot
      • Gyro Gearloose
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    • Good Ideas

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    • A FANDOM user
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