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  • So, I’ll start out with The Ghostbusters, and in the comics, it has been shown that ALL versions of the Ghostbusters happen in a multiverse. Multiple times, they have crossed over with TMNT, which has ALSO been shown to have a multiverse in the 2012 reincarnation. From here, we can connect TMNT to Batman (which had a crossover movie), and from Batman, we get the DC multiverse. We can connect DC to Scooby-Doo, which leads to Family Matters (well that leads nowhere). Anyways, we can also connect DC to Marvel, as they have crossed over a bunch of times. Marvel could be connected to, well, pretty much ANYTHING. Alternately, we could connect Scooby-Doo to the Lego Movie. And from there, we can connect it to pretty much anything AGAIN. Alternately once more, from DC we can connect it to Power Puff girls 2016, since they did a Teen Titans Go Crossover with them. This will be put up on the Ghostbusters wiki, Marvel Database, Dc wiki, and the Lego wiki.

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    • They comic called mavel vs DLC so all mavel cartoon,comic, toys, game, book, movie

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