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  • So, I personally have an opinion that all major lego themes should have their own wikis and fanon wikis. I recently made a canon and fanon wiki for speed Champions althought they have no major articles or editors at this point. I would like to see wikis for space police, roboriders and pharaohs quest. And if their is a minor lego theme you care deeply about please make it and post the link her so we can build it up.

    Does anybody here agree that we should do this and adopt amall communities. Well at this point I care more about ninjago and the hiddenside which I am currently editing their wikis frequently. So yhos would not be a big priority but if any of you have an interist in become staff members of small wikis than you should talk to me on this page.

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    • I really see no point in having such wikis for "small Lego themes" The problem with a theme with little lore is that there is litte or nothing to change from what you can add to Brickipedia. In fact in the case of a wiki like Speed Champions you might be better off just making sure Brickipedia's pages are in the best shape they can be in. And a Fanon wiki? Thats what customs here are for.

      The Lego Wikis that need to be seperate are the ones with lots of lore (ie: Bionicle, Ninjago), video games (Lego Universe), or websites (Lego Message Boards). These wikis also succeeded due to the massive amounts of fans they brought in. People who want to see Roboriders content for example will be looking for it on a solely Lego wiki.

      I don't want to discourage you, but I don't want you to waste your time on wikis that few people will find/ edit and for you to be adding content that more people will see if you put it here

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    • Okay I have other wikis to edit and this is my last plan but if anybody makes a wiki for a small lego theme like pharaohs quest than I will support it. BUT I already mad the speed champions wikis so I hope somebody edits them.

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    • well here are the links.[1] and the [2] question are we allowed to add the links on this forum because our advertisement thread for the hidden side wiki got shut down and we were warned. so am I breaking a rule to add these extremely minor wiki links. please don't shut this thread down.

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