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Time Cruisers is LEGO's one and only time travel theme. It has two factions: The Time Cruisers and the Time Twisters. The plot revolves around a professor named Dr. Cyber's travels through time.


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Time Cruisers
"The LEGO Time Cruisers sets will give you the chance to travel through time...anytime! Imagine navigating your vehicle through the depths of time, visiting other places past and present to complete your top secret mission! Careful though, as you never know who or what you'll meet! Most importantly, remember to get back home, or you could be trapped in time forever!"

The Time Cruisers power their time machines with special hats. While the plot specified by LEGO involves activities taking place in the past, the set of hats offered in the Hypno Cruiser includes an alien helmet, indicating that travel to the future is possible. The Time Twisters use a clear cylinder filled with artifacts from the different eras power their time travel.


Time Cruisers has two different factions. The Time Cruisers and the Time Twisters.

Time Cruisers

Time Cruisers logo
The Time Cruisers are the protagonists of the theme and were introduced with its' initial release in 1996. Dr. Cyber and his assistant Tim are the main characters in this faction, and they visit other ages to gather knowledge and the repair damage wrought by the Time Twisters (which appeared the following year). They also have two other members, a robot named Crankey the Robot, and a monkey named Ingo. Their primary objective is to remain undercover and meddle as little as possible with history.

Time Twisters

The antagonists of this theme are called the Time Twisters. The Time Twisters are the twins Tony Twister, and Professor Millennium, who are accompanied by a mysterious Ghost, and a Skeleton. Their vehicles are powered by cylinders filled with valuable articles from the past. They travel through time to steal objects of value to add to their cylinders, and interfere with the past.


Sixteen Time Cruisers sets were released over the course of two years.

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1853 Bo1853Hypno Cruiser152Tim, Dr. Cyber, Ingo 1996
55201345520134Testflug TC13  1996
5520144 Unternehmen Cybercom5520144Unternehmen Cybercom1 1996
6491 Box6491Rocket Racer581$4.501996
6492 Box6492Hypno Cruiser152Tim, Dr. Cyber$22.001996
6493 Flying Time Vessel6493Flying Time Vessel237Dr. Cyber, Tim$44.001996
Set64946494Mystic Mountain Time Lab5235$64.001996
6495 Box6495Time Tunnelator81Tony Twister$10.001997
6496 Box6496Whirling Time Warper1432$22.001997
6497 Box6497Twisted Time Train2964$38.501997
6495 Time Tunnelator6499Time Tunnelator81Professor Millennium 1997
TCBGcGA04Time Cruisers Board Game 5 1997

Comics 1994-1996 & 1997-2001

Time Cruisers started when a LEGO fan built a model of a time-traveling car. People working on LEGO Magazines for Europe liked the concept, came up with some characters, and in 1994 (two years before the theme), launched a magazine comic starring Dr. Cyber and Max Time Cruiser/Timebuster.

By 1996, the comic had been successfully running for two years, and LEGO launched sets based on the concept. Max was renamed to Tim, and the character's were redesigned. Though the physical minifigures still didn't completely resemble their depictions in the comics. The magazines were also expanded into new countries. The comic was rebooted in the Fall of 1997. The time machine was now the Flying Time Vessel and a small "micro-zapper" (A Standard 1X1 grey brick with a Red Stud), rather than the original car Creation that started everything. [1]


Other minifigures


Time Cruiser's Advertisement

Time Cruiser's Advertisement

A Time Cruisers, Dark Forest, and Royal Knights Advertisement

Time Cruisers Multi Ad

Time Cruisers Multi Ad

A Time Cruisers Ad including Exploriens, Town, and Pirates

LEGO Time Cruisers 1 Testflug TC 13-0

LEGO Time Cruisers 1 Testflug TC 13-0



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