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Tom O'Hawk[1] is a Western Indians minifigure introduced in 1997.


Tom O'Hawk's clothes are mostly brick yellow, save for his bright blue hip, and his torso and legs feature additional printing with blue and white triangular patterns. He has black braided hair adorned with a white Indian Feather W. Pin. His head is printed with orange tribal facepaint and a visible nose.

In 5702 LEGO Chess, Tom O'Hawk's torso and arms are changed to red or blue (depending on which team he is on), and he does not have feathers in his hair. Incidentally, the red version of his torso resembles Running Bear's torso, but it retains the red and white circle from O'Hawk's torso.

In 5784 Soccer Mania, Tom O'Hawk (along with all other natives sharing his hairpiece) has a simplified model for his hair that removes the long braids, presumably to avoid causing collision issues with his torso.


Tom O'Hawk lives in the Rapid River Village.

In LEGO Chess, Tom O'Hawk acts as the Pawn of the Western themed chess set. He carries a black axe, which he frequently uses to attack opponents during in-game cutscenes.

In Soccer Mania, Tom O'Hawk is a defender on the Chief's Tribe soccer team. When compared to his teammates, his shooting is weak (112/272), his speed and passing are middling (128/272), but his passing is the best of the team (144/272).[2] After beating the Chief's Tribe at Teepee Town in story mode, Tom O'Hawk can be added to the player's custom team.


  • Tom O'Hawk's minifigure is nearly identical to another native living in the same village, but he lacks a black quiver. It is also nearly identical to Chief Big Feather, who wears a feathered headdress.


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