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Toni Kukoc (Kukoč) is a Basketball Minifigure released in 2003. His figure is based on his tenure with the Milwaukee Bucks.


Toni Kukoč is a former professional basketball player from Croatia. Kukoč is well-known for his part in the Chicago Bulls' 1996 - 1998 championship run where he was a teammate of Micheal Jordan. Throughout his career, he wore the jersey number "7".

Apart from the Bulls and Bucks, Kukoč also played for the 76ers and Hawks.


The minifigure has features the violet home uniform of the Milwaukee Bucks. Both the front and back of the jersey feature the number "7". The figure has nougat skin with a beard print and exaggerated eyes and lips. Like all other Basketball minifigures, Kukoč has specialized arms to hold the basketball part and legs that included springs in order to shoot the ball.