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Tonto is a Lone Ranger minifigure introduced in 2013. He is the Native American companion of the Lone Ranger.


Tonto's head is nougat, or dark flesh, and his face is white with black markings running through and around the eyes, depicting face paint. His hair is long and brown with feathers intertwined with it. There is a black bird totem on the hat he wears, which is grey with a lime stripe. Tonto's hands are dark flesh while his torso and arms are a slightly darker colour. His torso has Native American designs printed on it. His hips are dark brown and his legs are dark sand. Tonto's legs have a brown printed belt with a red ribbon and brown rags attached to it, a pattern that was started on the hips.

A slight variation of him appears in 79110 Silver Mine Shootout. In this one, he has dirt smudged on his face - which bears a slightly angry expression - and white sand smudged across his legs, hips and torso.


Tonto is the Lone Ranger's Native American sidekick. As a boy, he saved the lives of Butch Cavendish and Latham Cole showing them a location of a forgotten silver mine, in return for a silver pocket watch. However, to keep the mine a secret, the men murdered all of Tonto's Comanche tribe. Tonto believed the were men possessed by the evil spirits of the silver, and vowed revenge. Later, he was taken as Cole's prisoner along with Cavendish, but escaped and resurrected Texas Ranger John Reid after Cavendish's men massacred the Texas Rangers. As the Lone Ranger, John allied with Tonto to bring Cole and Cavendish to justice. He lived to over a hundred years later, where he recounted his tale to John Reid's descendant, Will. He is a spirit warrior, having the ability to communicate with Silver, the horse, and calls the Lone Ranger "Kemosabe". Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Driven by a mysterious past, Tonto is an outcast on a quest to destroy an ancient evil. Sometimes his strange behavior causes many to underestimate his skills. A vision told him he would be helped by a great warrior... but he never expected that it would be the Lone Ranger.


  • Tonto is portrayed by Johnny Depp, who also played Jack Sparrow and Grindelwald in the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Fantastic Beasts films respectively.
  • Tonto means "fool" in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Tonto used the same Tomahawk as the Tomahawk Warrior.
  • There are only two Lone Ranger sets that do not include Tonto.

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