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The Toy Story Comic 1 is an online Toy Story comic, and the first of the series. Made in a brickfilm, it is about Buzz Lightyear having his spaceship stolen by Zurg and landing in Andy's Room. Hearing of what happened, Woody, two Little Green Men, and the Green Army Men help him create a Mega form of Buzz. He flies up to space and reclaims his spaceship.


The film starts with Buzz Lightyear flying his spaceship with Zurg appearing behind his spaceship. He takes Buzz Lightyear out of his spaceship and drops him. Buzz spins to earth and lands in Andy's room. Woody and the Green Army Men rush over to see what happened. Woody and Buzz spot his spaceship stolen by Zurg. Woody then gets an idea. He, two Little Green Men and the Green Army Men build a giant figure of Buzz. This giant figure flies in space and shoots Zurg with his laser.

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It will begin with the man saying, "Welcome to LEGO Cinema!" and Bullseye rides to the seat. Rex, Woody and Buzz are can't find their seats and Rex spins his tail to the Aliens. Rex, Woody and Buzz sit in their seats and the man says, "Roll the film, please." Then, the Toy Story Comic 1 has not the full version, just the short version. At the end, the man says, "Enjoy the film!"


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