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Toyman (real-name Winslow Schott) is a Super Heroes minifigure who appears in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.


Toyman is a recurring enemy of Superman. He is a gifted but deranged inventor who creates evil toys and toy-themed weaponry to fight Superman and the Justice League.


Winslow Schott was a gifted toy-maker from a young-age whose very first creation was a red toy biplane that was stolen from him by a bully. Despite how minor the act was, this warped Winslow's mind from a young age into thinking that if bullies were able to steal from the weak, then there was nothing wrong with him stealing from those weaker than him.

By the time he was an adult, Winslow became the crooked head of a successful toy company who had expanded his knowledge of invention into weaponry and robotics; he even created a robot wife for himself named "Mary". After eventually losing his company, Winslow began calling himself "The Toyman" and used weaponized toys to reap vengeance on those he deemed responsible.


In the DCAU, Toyman is named Winslow Schott, Jr.. Here, Winslow's father was an aspiring toy-company owner who made the mistake of turning to the crime-lord Bruno Mannheim for funding for a factory. Unknown to Winslow, Bruno used Winslow Sr.'s factory for racketeering and pinned the crimes on the toy-maker; getting the old man thrown into prison where he died.

Winslow Jr. was completely traumatized by the event and was forced to spend the rest of his childhood an orphan being tossed around in the foster-system like an unwanted toy. Seeing his childhood as having been robbed from him, Winslow learned how to invent high-grade weaponry in his youth and aimed at seeking revenge on those who stole his childhood from him.

Winslow came to resurface as "The Toyman", a criminal obsessed with seeking revenge on Bruno Mannheim but who did so while theming all of his crimes around toys and assuming a child-like persona as a form of denial towards his lost childhood. He would eventually be foiled by Superman and become a recurring and deranged foe for the Man of Steel.

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