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"Mine are the safest streets in town!"
―Traffic Cop

The Traffic Cop is a minifigure introduced in 2010, as part of the 8684 Minifigures Series 2. He comes with a helmet with clips for a visor or goggles (not included), a speeding ticket, and a set of handcuffs. He wears large sunglasses (printed onto his headpiece), and has brown gloved hands.


  • An extra set of handcuffs is included.
  • If you look closely at his ticket, it says Highway Patrol Speeding Ticket.
  • His torso is similar to the Forest Police Officer's torso, but in a lighter colour.
  • It's similar to the Military Policeman. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

“Mine are the safest streets in town!”
The Traffic Cop patrols the streets, looking for anybody who’s speeding or up to no good on the roads and highways. Don’t try to break the law in his city, because he’s sure to find you and give you a ticket!

The Traffic Cop doesn’t want to seem mean, but he knows how important it is to enforce the rules and keep the city safe. After all, protecting the people who live there is a huge responsibility!



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