Class 4 article

Train Accessories are accessories for LEGO trains, including tracks, motors, batteries, cables, and more. There has been a very large supply of them and nearly new ones come out each year. A new sub-theme, Power Functions was introduced in 2009.



Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
0100-1100Motor with Wheels and Wire16 1966
101-4.5V Battery Case 19661014.5V Battery Case2 1966
101-4.5V Battery Case1014.5V Battery Case.2 1969
150-1150Straight Track25 (1966-72) 28 (1973-76) 1966
151-1151Curved Track25 (1966-74) 28 (1973-76) 1966
156- 2 Rail Signals1562 Rail Signals6 1968
157-Automatic Direction Changer157Automatic Direction Changer7 1969
160-Magnetic Couplings160Magnetic Couplings6 1968
0703-170312V Replacement Motor1 1969
0704-170412V Sleeper (Track) Contacts2 1969
0750-1750Straight Conductor Rails8 1969
0751-1751Curved Conductor Rails8 1969
753 Automatic Right Electric Switch753Automatic Right Electric Switch4 1969
754-Automatic Left Electric Switch754Automatic Left Electric Switch4 1969


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
3-Battery Box3Battery Box2 1977
12-Wheel Bearings for Locomotives12Wheel Bearings for Locomotives2 1977
1113-Motor Frame and Couplers13Train Motor Plate with Buffers5 1977
14-Train Motor Plate with Coupler14Train Motor Plate with Coupler1 1977
19-Locomotive Piston Assemblies19Locomotive Piston Assemblies6 1977
104-Replacement 4.5V Motor1044.5V Replacement Motor1 1970
0157-1157Curved Rails with Sleepers25 1976
0159-1159Straight Rails and Crossing25 1976
0705-1705Motor Bushings4 1970
0706-1706Rail Contact Wires1 1970
0708-17082m Extension Cord for Points1 1970
0741-174112V Transformer1 1974
0742-174212V Transformer - for 100V Mains1 1970
0755-1755Left and Right Points12None 1974
756-1756Electric Crossing5 1974
1101-Replacement 4.5V Motor1101Replacement 4.5V Motor1 1977
1103-Battery Box1103Battery Box2 1977
12-Wheel Bearings for Locomotives1112Train Sliding Wheel Blocks2 1977
1113-Motor Frame and Couplers1113Motor Frame and Couplers5 1977
1119 Locomotive Piston Assemblies1119Locomotive Piston Assemblies6 1977


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
7-Battery Box7Battery Box2$3.501980
7-Train Signal with Ties7Train Signal with Ties4 1981
8-Replacement 4.5V Motor8Replacement 4.5V Motor1$5.501981
1047 Extra Track1047Extra Track12 1986
11041104Battery Cables  1981
1107-1-9118238641107Signal and Direction-Change Switch  1981
1114-1.1187230429.thumb21114Motor Frame1 1980
1135-2-9118240431135Battery Cable Kit: 12 Connectors, 3m Cable13 1981
11-Locomotive Traction Tires1138Replacement Rubber Wheel Treads for Trains8 1981
No image1139Motor-mount Plate with Magnetic Couplers   
1140-1-911824257114012V Light Brick2 1981
1141-1-91182429211412 Wheel Bricks with Attached Small Red Train-wheels2 1981
1142-1-91182432911422 Wheel Bricks with Attached Small Black Train-wheels2 1981
1143-1-91182435811432 Wheel Bricks with Attached Large Red Train-wheels6 1981
1144-1-9118243961144Train Baseplate1 1981
1145-1-9118244381145Bogie Plate1 1981
1146-1-91182448511464 Pushrods, 2 Cylinder Housings6 1981
1147-1-91182391011472 Light Prisms, Light Prism Holder, 2 Red and 2 Yellow Light Covers7 1981
1168-Battery Box1168Battery Box2$4.001986
1169-1.1187230329.thumb211692 Bogie Plates2 1986
2711 Straight Tracks2711Straight Tracks4 1983
5081-1-9705377945081Remote Control for Signal 12V1$16.451989
5085-15085Insulating Track Plus Socket 12V1 1989
5200-15200Signal Masts and Feet8 1987
7851-17851Curved Rails32$9.251980
7853-17853Crossing5 1980
7854-17854Straight Electric Rails8 1980
7856-17856Electric Points16 1980
7857-17857Electric Crossing5$8.751980
7858-17858Remote Controlled Points Right 12V12 1980
7859-17859Remote Controlled Points Left 12V12 1980
7860-17860Remote Controlled Signal24 1980
7861-17861Lighting Set Electric 12V28 1980
7862 Box7862Remote Controlled Decoupling16 1981
7863-17863Remote Controlled Point Motor 12V7 1980
7864-17864Transformer / Speed Controller 12V33 1980
7865-17865Motor Replacement Unit for Battery or Motor-Less Trains 12V19 1980
7867 Box78674 Lighting Standards Electric 12V52 1983


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
4206-142069V Train Switching Track Collection27$44.992006
4515 Straight Tracks4515Straight Rails8$13.251991
45204520Curved Rails for 9V Trains8 1999
4531 Switching Rails4531Manual Points with Track6$28.001991
4548 Electric Train Speed Regulator4548Transformer and Speed Regulator3$42.001992
53005300Train Motor 9V3 1991
5303-Buffers, Magnets & Couplers5303Buffers, Magnets & Couplers60$2.991992


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
2159-121599V Train Track Starter Collection24$29.992006
4206-142069V Train Switching Track Collection27$44.992006
78967896Straight & Curved Rails16$15.99 / €16.992006
7996-17996Train Rail Crossing for RC Trains4$24.99 / €19.992007
8866-0000-xx-12-18866Train Motor7$10.99 / €12.992009
Track8867Flexible Train Track64$24.99 / €29.992009
8878-0000-xx-12-18878Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box1$49.992009
8879-0000-xx-12-18879Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control $12.99 / €14.492009
K8882K8882LEGO Power Functions Train Accessories Pack6$9.992009