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Traveller's Tales is a division of it's parent company, TT Games. It is responsible for the creation of many LEGO video games. They have created the main versions of most LEGO games 2005 onwards, while the portable versions being created by other third party companies and TT Fusion at the present time. Traveller's Tales was re-established into the TT games group and now is owned by Warner Bros. Interactive.

Traveller's Tales is well known for their LEGO video games. Traveller's Tales holds the worldwide rights to develop LEGO video games. So far they have produced nine LEGO video games and all of them have been successful up to date, the least grossing being LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Traveller's Tales is the only LEGO video game developer to release so many LEGO video games on almost all the current consoles in the market.

LEGO video games released by Traveller's Tales

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