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The Treadwell Droid was a droid captured by the Jawas. Owen Lars owned a Treadwell Droid, WED-15-77, which he used on his Moisture Farm on Tatooine.


The droid is mainly White, with some Dark Stone Grey, and Bright Orange. It has droid arms, an antenna, and caterpillar tracks made of TECHNIC pieces.


The WED Treadwell repair droid was a repair droid manufactured by Cybot Galactica and was found across the galaxy, mainly on Outer Rim planets. Its main purpose was to repair various moisture evaporators or whatever needed to be fixed that was available to them. Their multiple arms at each end had specialized tools made for certain jobs and repair. The droid's optical sensors were mounted on the end of a long antenna.


  • They slightly resemble DUM-E from the Marvel theme.
  • There are many different versions of it, but only one version is depicted.



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