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Trendsetter is a 71001 Minifigures Series 10 Minifigure released in May 2013.[1]


The Trendsetter is based off of a stereotypical teenage girl or a celebrity. She has a new blonde hairpiece and she wears a pink-and-white striped tank top. She also wears a heart necklace similar to the Pop Star's, lipstick, and a pair of sunglasses. She has a pair of white jeans with a rhinestone belt and some silver chain designs. Her two accessories are a dog resembling a chihuahua and a 1x2 tile printed to resemble a smartphone. The apps printed on it also depict the stereotype of a teenage girl, with symbols showing a heart, shopping bag, a star, a speech bubble, and two icons saying "LOL" and "BFF" (abbreviations for "laugh out loud" and "best friends forever").


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“It’s not easy to be super fashionable and popular all the time!”

Everything the Trendsetter does becomes the next big thing. If she buys a certain phone, so does everybody else. If she reads a particular magazine, everyone else reads it too. All of the Minifigures that she meets want to look like her, act like her, and do all of the same things she likes to do.

The Trendsetter has to really think about the trends she’s going to set. If everybody buys her favorite food and clothes, then there won’t be any left for her, and if people know what movie she’s planning to see, the theater might sell out before she gets there. She isn’t sure why everybody seems to want to be just like her…but she has to admit that she doesn’t mind the attention one bit!



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