The Trike Driver is a Mars Mission minifigure.


The Trike Driver wears the standard Mars Mission astronaut white and orange spacesuit, with a white helmet and gold visor. He reuses the face of Specs from Dino Attack.


The Trike Driver has trained in a wide range of harsh conditions, ranging from the arctic to volcanic lava fields, making him an ideal astronaut for the temperatures of Mars. During the Mars Mission, he drives the MT-31 Trike.

In the Mars Mission Menace! comic, the Trike Driver landed on Mars in the morning, and everything seemed peaceful until sunset. A sandstorm cut him off from the MX-71 Recon Dropship, and then hostile Aliens surrounded him. The Trike Driver runs as quickly as he could to the crystal core where he could get help, while thinking to himself that others had falsely claimed there was no life on Mars.

In the LEGO Lunch! comic, the Trike Driver takes time off and eats hamburgers with Meca One. The Trike Driver remarks that he spent all afternoon running from unseen aliens (likely referring to the previous issue's Mars Mission Menace! comic) and then mentions that his Claw Tank will be ambushed tomorrow. He does not notice as Kalmah steals the french fries from his plate.


  • In the LEGO BrickMaster Magazine-exclusive Mars Mission Menace! comic, the Trike Driver is implied to be named Biff Barker.[1] However, the following issue of LEGO Magazine explicitly gives this name to the Claw-Tank Driver instead.[2] This might be explained by the fact that Biff Barker's dialogue in Mars Mission Menace! are spoken over the radio, instead of directly coming from the Trike Driver himself.

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The MT-31 Trike Driver is a born survivor. He's trained in conditions from sub-arctic cold to blazing lava fields, and he's ready to take on the most hostile environments the planet Mars can throw at him.


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