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Trixie is a minifigure from the Speed Racer theme.


Trixie only appeared in one of the four Speed Racer sets. Her hairpiece is more well-known as Harry Potter's. She has a light nougat coloured face with brown eyebrows, black eyes, white pupils and red lips. Her torso is pink and has priting of sliver and blue glitter on it the top has a bit of her skin showing and a red necklace. She has light nougat arms and hands. Her legs continue the printing of her torso and end in light nougat.


The daughter of a wealthy aviation industrialist, Trixie has been Speed Racer's girlfriend since they were school kids. She shares his obsession for motor racing, and is a champion on the women's circuit herself. After Speed agrees to help Racer X and Taejo Togokhan fight the corrupt motor industries behind professional motorsports by racing as a team in the Crucible, his father, Pops Racer forbids Speed from taking part - the Crucible is same race that claimed the life of Speed's brother, Rex, years ago. Trixie helps Speed to race without his family's knowledge by claiming that they're going on a skiing trip together. During the first stage of the race, she acts as Team Togokhan's spotter from her private helicopter. In the second stage, however, she's forced to take the wheel herself, disguised as Taejo who had been poisoned overnight.


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