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This article is about the Mars Mission minifigure. For other uses, see Trooper (disambiguation).

A Trooper is a Mars Mission astronaut minifigure.


The Trooper wears the standard Mars Mission astronaut white and orange spacesuit, with a white helmet and gold visor. He reuses a common face with stubble, first introduced with a minifigure from 7244 Speedboat.

In LEGO Battles, the Trooper carries a melee weapon.


The Trooper is the Close Combat unit of the Earth army. The Trooper's stats are 2/5 strength, 275 life, and 1/5 speed, and he costs 90 bricks to build. This makes the Trooper a relatively weak unit, but easy to build in large numbers.

In the Earth Act 2 cutscene, a Trooper and a Builder are questioned by the Space Police Captain about Plisken's whereabouts, then the Trooper's memory is wiped. In the Earth Act 3 cutscene, Troopers are given weapons by the Commando, with one Trooper being given the key card to the Gripley. In the Earth Final cutscene, the Trooper appears among the Earth army as they celebrate victory over the Aliens.

In unlockable concept art, a Trooper and a Builder are depicted in "Earth Picture 1" looking up at a star-filled sky. Two Trooper and two Builders also appear in the "Earth Scene 2" concept art, which has also been published as a promotional render for the game.


  • Unlike other named Astros, the Trooper debuted in the 2008 sets and was never named by the website. Instead, the Trooper's name is derived from his appearance as a unit in 4850307 LEGO Battles.
  • In 2856252 LEGO Battles: Ninjago, the Trooper's design is used as the basis for Biff's updated design.