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A Turaga is a type of BIONICLE character. Several sets containing or centering around the Turaga have been released from 2001 to 2004. In the 2015 line, they were replaced by Protectors.


Essentially, a Turaga is what a Toa warrior becomes when he/she gives away all his or her power. Two examples are the Turaga of Mata Nui island, who gave away their power to wake up the Matoran on the island of Metru Nui. Another example is when another Toa, Lhikan, gave all his power into 6 Toa Stones. Toa can give their power into six Toa Stones; however, they will only become a Turaga when that power is used up.

Turaga rule Matoran villages, and are looked upon as wise and venerable. They lead village celebrations and ceremonies, and are looked to for advice and help. In addition to helping Matoran, Turaga will also assist Toa on their journeys. According to the BIONICLE Encyclopedia, the Turaga might be able to form a Turaga Nui by merging their bodies and minds, though this is not definitively known.

Known Turaga[]


Turaga of Mata Nui[]

Turaga of Mata Nui
Turaga Kanohi Tool(s)
Vakama, Turaga of Fire, Huna, the Noble Mask of Invisibility Firestaff
Nokama, Turaga of Water, Rau, the Noble Mask of Translation Trident
Whenua, Turaga of Earth, Ruru, the Noble Mask of Night Vision Drill of Onua
Onewa, Turaga of Stone, Koamu, the Noble Mask of Mind Control Stone Hammer
Matau, Turaga of Air, Mahiki, the Noble Mask of Ilusion Kau Kau Staff
Nuju, Turaga of Ice, Matatu, the Noble Mask of Telekinesis Ice Pick

Turaga of Mata Nui were Matoran that became Toa after Toa Lhikan gave them Toa Stones. After they defeated Visorak hords, they moved Matoran Spheres to Mata Nui, where they used their Toa powers to free the Matoran.

Other known Turaga[]

Turaga Kanohi Tool(s)
Lhikan, Turaga of Fire, Hau, the Noble Mask of Shielding Staff
Dume, Turaga of Fire, Kiril, the Noble Mask of Regeneration Staff
Jovan, Turaga of Magnetism, Kadin, the Noble Mask of Flight Unknow

Toa Lhikan became turaga after he gave six Toa Stones to Matoran, who later became Toa Metru. He was imprisoned by two Dark Hunters: his old friend Nidhiki and his partner, Krekka. Later, half of Toa Metru team (Onewa, Whenua and Nuju) joined his cell, where he told them to practice their Toa powers. When the team united, he was helping Toa fighting Makuta. He has died when Makuta tried to kill Vakama. Lhikan took the hit and saved the young Toa.

He was released as a promotional set named "Gold Good Guy" added to Duracell Batteries.


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