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UFO was a subtheme of LEGO theme Space in the years 1996 to 1999. The theme began in 1996 with KC06 UFO Alien Key Chain.


All of UFO's minifigures were very alien in nature, and the race featured two wholly robot figures, and many of its spaceships used saucers or half-saucers as elements. It has the smallest proportion of wheeled ground vehicles to ships (two to nine) of any LEGO Space theme before or since. UFO was the first theme to introduce what has since become a staple of LEGO System sets in general: large pieces meant to provide effects (such as curvature) that would be difficult to achieve with traditional LEGO pieces. It also was the first Space theme to feature aliens, though not the first one to make use of robots/androids (Spyrius). In addition to these new elements, UFO contained the only set (6979 Interstellar Starfighter) to use of Fiber-Optic parts (similar parts were used in Exo-Force, but these were different).

The UFO theme has interesting stickers which are placed on a Black 2 by 2 round flat plate. When pressed, the stickers show a symbol similar to that of the UFO theme for about 3 seconds. They can be found on many of the UFO vehicles, including smaller ones carried by large vehicles. Many of the saucer parts, not including the Trans Neon Yellow ones, had the UFO logo on them.

Popular UFO ships include 6915 Warp Wing-Fighter and their largest spaceship, the 6979 Interstellar Starfighter (both released in 1997). The UFO had no primary base, however, when the smaller saucer detached from the main hull of the 6975 Alien Avenger (1997) the bottom half was converted into a command center. Many of the smaller sets only included either the Red or the Blue android, with the aliens existing mostly in larger sets. Their armor was also used by the Insectoids and Ogel, but their helmets have remained unique to UFO.

UFO Minifigures

Ufo alien black
Ufo alien blue
Ufo alien red
Ufo alien red 2
Alpha DraconisBlue UFO Alien (The Officer)Red UFO Alien (Chamon)Red UFO Alien (No helmet printing or armor)Techdroid IAndy Droid (Techdroid II)


Image # Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
2543 2543  Spacecraft  18  UFO Alien   $1.99  1998 
2847 Box 2847  UFO Flyer  15  Red UFO Alien     1997 
3012 Box 3012  Space Hover  19  UFO Blue Droid     1999 
4117463-1 4117463  Cyber Saucer TRU 50 Years Forever Fun Bundle  109  Blue UFO Alien     1997 
4305 4305  Cyborg Scout  33  UFO Blue Droid   $2.00  1997 
5384-1 5384  Space Accessories  21       1998 
54-UFO Action Pack 54  U.F.O. Action-Pack  96  UFO Blue DroidUFO Blue DroidUFO Red Droid     1997 
6800 Box 6800  Cyber Blaster  19  UFO Blue Droid   $2.00  1997 
6816 Package 6816  Cyber Blaster  19  UFO Blue Droid   $2.00  1997 
6818 Box 6818  Cyborg Scout  35  UFO Blue Droid   $3.00  1997 
6829 Box 6829  Radon Rover  52  UFO Blue Droid   $5.99  1997 
6836 V-Wing Fighter 6836  V-Wing Fighter  39  Andy Droid   $3.00  1997 
6900 Box 6900  Cyber Saucer  113  Blue UFO Alien   $22.00  1997 
6901 Box 6901  Space Plane  19  UFO Red Droid   $2.00  1998 
6901-6902 6902  Space Plane  19  UFO Red Droid   $2.00  1998 
6915 Box 6915  Warp Wing-Fighter  236  UFO Red DroidRed UFO Alien   $29.99  1997 
6975 Box 6975  Alien Avenger  364  Blue UFO AlienUFO Blue DroidAlpha DraconisRed UFO Alien   $60.00  1997 
6979 Box 6979  Interstellar Starfighter  292  Alpha DraconisRed UFO AlienUFO Red Droid   $80.00  1997 
6999 Box 6999  Cyber Saucer  109  Blue UFO Alien   $20.00  1997 
100px Miscellaneous  UFO Merchandise       1997 
VP-5 VP-5  UFO Value Pack  118  Andy Droid

UFO Blue Droid

Ann Droid  

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