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Ugha Warriors are minifigures that appear in the Indiana Jones. They appear in one set, 7627 Temple of the Crystal Skull.


Ugha Warriors have Reddish Brown skin and brown hands. On the Torso, they have a necklace made of teeth.

The other version is the same, except with different Torso printing and additional hair added.


The Ugha Tribe was an ancient tribe that lived in the western Amazon in the city of Akator. Building a primitive society six to eight thousand years ago, the Ugha received thirteen visitors from above, whom they worshiped as gods. These gods taught them irrigation, animal domestication and other technology. Eventually, the Ugha, with the help of their gods, built the city of Akator. When Indiana Jones visited the Temple of Akator, the Ugha Warriors attacked, but Harold Oxley used the Crystal Skull to deter them.

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Ugha Warrior with hairUgha Warrior without hair


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