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The Ultimate Collector's Series, or UCS, is a subtheme of sets, mainly for Star Wars although it can be used for different themes.


UCS sets, introduced in 2000, are meant to be more detailed and aimed at older builders. Typically, they represent a single ship, vehicle, place or character, using as many parts as required to have a very unique set. All UCS are usually Direct To Consumer sets, referred as D2C or DTC, which means they are generally sold by LEGO directly and only by few retailers, making them "hard to find" on the market. Usually, LEGO lists them as "hard to find" or "exclusives" on their website.

UCS was primarily used for Star Wars since 2000, but was also, in a way, used for Batman. In 2006, 7784 The Batmobile Ultimate Collectors' Edition uses the mention Ultimate Collectors' Edition which is very similar to UCS. For many, this set is considered as a part of Ultimate Collector's Series collection and sometimes extended to more recent Super Heroes sets, such as 76042 The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, which are similar in the marketing and product design to UCS Star Wars sets.


10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon, the fifth largest LEGO set ever made. The newest remake of this set, 75192 Millennium Falcon, is the largest LEGO set ever made.

These sets did not generally include Minifigures, but since 2007, most have included at least one. Depending on the UCS definition and list, the first one to include minifigures is either 10123 Cloud City or 10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon. Most are also not designed to scale with Minifigures, though there are some cases (such as 75192 Millennium Falcon) where the set is completely to scale.

Ultimate Collector's Series sets tend to be larger, and more expensive than typical sets. Commonly, Ultimate Collector's Series sets were given a five-digit (10xxx) product number until 2014, when Star Wars UCS adopted the 75xxx numbering. Some of them might include an informative and exclusive plaque, which provides additional information about the ship, vehicle, place or character built.

Identification and controversy over UCS sets[]

The very first UCS sets, being 7181 TIE Interceptor and 7191 X-Wing Fighter, had an explicit mention they were part of an Ultimate Collector Series (the 's only appeared in 10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon's title and 75059 Sandcrawler's logo) collection. It was also added for 7194 Yoda, 10026 Special Edition Naboo Starfighter and 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer.

Original Trilogy Edition

Logo used for Original Trilogy Edition between 2004 and 2005 for several UCS sets.

In 2004, 10129 Rebel Snowspeeder, a set which used all the standards of an UCS set, did not have this usual mention, and only had a regular box. Ultimate Collector's Series was then not used for ten years on any box. It was initially replaced by Original Trilogy Edition starting from 10131 TIE Collection, while this set only had four minifigure-scaled TIE Fighters. This logo was also used for explicit UCS sets, such as 10143 Death Star II, but also for regular sets like 7263 TIE Fighter.

In 2007, the UCS title comes back for 10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon, but does not appear anywhere else on the box than the set name. This set was the only ship which was named as part of the UCS collection between 2004 and 2014.

In May 2011, the UCS Promotional Poster was given away during the May the Fourth event. This poster clarifies the UCS list, after seven years the UCS mention has disappeared from any box with the exception of 10179. It includes obvious UCS sets such as 10129 or 10188 Death Star, but also sets that could have been seen as regular, like 10131 TIE Fighter Collection or 10123 Cloud City. It includes also 10018 Darth Maul Bust which was not identified as UCS prior to this poster, despite being a 2001 set similar to 7194 Yoda. The poster also refers to 10221 Super Star Destroyer which was not released yet. Some sets of this list are controversial and not identified as UCS: 10131 or 10123 are not a part of Brickset's list for UCS sets.

Following sets still did not include the UCS mention, but were assumed as UCS: 10225 R2-D2, 10227 B-Wing, 10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter and 10236 Ewok Village. The last one is a controversial one as it is a wide playset including many minifigures, but is listed as an UCS set by Brickset.

In 2014, the UCS mention comes back with a logo on 75059 Sandcrawler, which is also the first one to adopt the 75xxx digit format. It includes some controversial sets such as 75098 Assault on Hoth, which was highly discussed due to the use of the UCS tag for what seemed to be a collection from different Hoth sets, similar to 10131 TIE Collection. The nature of 75159 Death Star was also discussed as 10188 did not include a specific mention to UCS in its box. Nowadays, most sets considered as UCS include this logo, even if this mention was sometimes controversial and it was also not mentioned in different sets considered as UCS and released after 2014.

UCS logo 2017

Logo used for UCS from 2017 to 2019.

Since 2017 and 75192 Millennium Falcon's release, the UCS logo was replaced by a black mention. UCS sets are also called Ultimate Collector Series, removing the 's again, since this release, as the very first UCS sets between 2000 and 2003 were.

In 2018, more controversy emerged over 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City which was not identified as an UCS but as a part of Master Builder Series, despite being similar to 10188, 10236, 75059 or 75098. The set is rarely listed as an UCS but can be considered if all Master Builder Series sets are included. When this controversy emerged, a clearer definition of what is an UCS was written by an official LEGO statement:

The Master Builder Series models are large playsets and beside being complex builds they are characterized by having many play features and functions, interior details as well as a range of minifigures.

Ultimate Collectors Series will remain highly detailed display models providing complex builds with a focus on authenticity and both Ultimate Collectors Series and Master Builder Series will continue as a way to highlight the unique characteristic of each style of model.

No explicit mention is on 75244 Tantive IV which questioned its UCS nature, despite 10198 Tantive IV being considered as an UCS on the UCS Promotional Poster. Some have chosen to not include this set on their UCS list, such as Brickset. It is not a part of Master Builder Series either.

UCS logo 2020

Logo used for UCS since 2020.

The first UCS A-Wing releases in 2020 as 75275 A-Wing Starfighter, which also introduces a new UCS logo. Unlike the 2017 logo, it keeps the previous grammar, being Ultimate Collector Series and not Ultimate Collector's Series. The set is also mentioned as "18+," instead of usual ages of 12+, 14+ or 16+ used for most UCS sets before, while some sets were for even younger ages, 10026 Special Edition Naboo Starfighter and 10123 Cloud City were for ages 9+ and 10131 TIE Collection for 8+. Other sets in 2020 such as 75274 Tie Fighter Pilot Helmet Bust, 75276 Stormtrooper Helmet Bust and 75277 Boba Fett Helmet Bust are for the same ages while not being UCS.

Fan vote for an UCS set[]


Picture used by The LEGO Group for the vote to display the three possible choices fans could make for the next UCS set.

In January 2020, The LEGO Group has launched for a short amount of time - one week - the 2020 Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series Vote on the LEGO Ideas platform. As the UCS' popularity was growing among most AFOLs, the choice was given to them between three different possible sets: a TIE Bomber, a Republic Gunship or a Nebulon B Escort Frigate. Two of the three ships had already their smaller sets, although no minifigure-scaled TIE Bomber was released since 4479 TIE Bomber and either no minifigure-scaled Republic Gunship since 75021 Republic Gunship.

The vote allowed fans to choose one set between the three ships, and also to include what minifigures they would like to see in the final version. The majority went to the Republic Gunship, which will be an upcoming set which details of number of pieces, minifigures and release date are unknown. It is likely the set will not release at the very least before 2021 or even 2022, as an UCS set can need one or several years of design work to be completed. It is likely the set will include minifigures, but the UCS size of a Republic Gunship could also be bigger than the minifigure-scale, as it is already the case for most Ultimate sets.

This fan vote was not the first being made for a Star Wars set, as 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser already resulted from the 2009 Fan's Choice Competition. It is the only one so far for an UCS set, and it's unknown if there will be another similar vote for the next UCS sets.

List of Sets[]

Star Wars[]

This list is based on the UCS Promotional Poster and on every box with an UCS mention or logo in the box or set name. It does not include Master Builder Series sets, or 75244 Tantive IV, considered as regular.

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
7181 box7181TIE Interceptor703$99.99 / €119.99August 2000
7191box7191X-wing Fighter1304R2-D2$149.99August 2000
7194-2 Yoda7194Yoda1075$99.992002
10018Box10018Darth Maul Bust1860$149.99January 2001
10019box10019Rebel Blockade Runner1748$199.992001
10026-110026Special Edition Naboo Starfighter187R2-D2 (Dome Only)$39.992002
10030-box10030Imperial Star Destroyer3104$299.99 / €299.992002
10123-110123Cloud City698Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett$99.992003
10129-2 Rebel Snowspeeder10129Rebel Snowspeeder1457$129.99 / €1002003
10131-110131TIE Fighter Collection682Darth Vader, Droid Brain, TIE Pilot (x2)$69.992004
1013410134Y-wing Attack Starfighter1473Red Astromech Droid$119.992004
10143-110143Death Star II3449$299.992005
10144 Sandcrawler10144Sandcrawler1669Owen Lars,

Jawa (x3), R2-D2, C-3PO, R5-D4, R1-G4, ASP Droid, Gonk Droid,

Treadwell Droid
AT-ST Box10174Imperial AT-ST1068$79.992006
Lego 10175 210175Vader's TIE Advanced1212N/A$99.99October 24, 2006
10178-110178Motorized Walking AT-AT1137Luke Skywalker,

AT-AT Pilot, General Veers,

$129.99October 2007
UCS Falcon10179Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon5197Luke Skywalker,

Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca(Red Brown),

Princess Leia
$499.99July 2007
GG10186General Grievous1085$89.992008
10188-110188Death Star3803Luke Skywalker (Tatooine, long hair), Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Disguise), Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight), Han Solo (Brown legs), Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise), Princess Leia (Classic, Senator), Ben Kenobi, Darth Vader (New torso), Chewbacca, R2-D2 (New design), C-3PO (New design), Darth Sidious (New face), Grand Moff Tarkin, Assassin Droid, R2-Q5 (new head), Stormtrooper (2), Royal Guard (2), Mouse Droid, IT-O Interrogator Droid, Death Star Droid (RA-7 protocol droid), Death Star Trooper (2), Dianoga$399.99 / €419.99June 21, 2008 (US) / June 29, 2009 (UK)
Post-1554-1248273578-1-10198Tantive IV1408Princess Leia, C-3PO, R2-D2, Captain Antilles, Rebel Trooper$149.99 / €149.99September 4, 2009 (US, originally scheduled for September 9)
10195 box10195Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker1758Clone Trooper (6), Clone Pilot (2)$249.99 / €249.99March 27, 2009 (US and UK)
Prelim 1021210212UCS Imperial Shuttle2503Darth Vader,

Imperial Pilot, Imperial Officer, Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight, no hood),

$259.99 / €259.99September 3, 2010
10215box10215Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter676$99.99 / €99.99November 1, 2010
10221box1copy10221UCS Super Star Destroyer3152Darth Vader,

Bossk, Dengar, IG-88,

Admiral Piett
$399.99 / €399.99September 1, 2011
10225 alt110225R2-D22127R2-D2$179.99 / €179.99May 1, 2012'"`UNIQ--ref-00000001-QINU`"'
B 10227 box side10227B-wing Starfighter1486$199.99 / €199.99October 1 2012
728px-1023610236Ewok Village1990Wicket, Ewok Warrior, Teebo, Chief Chirpa, Logray, Scout Trooper (Two), Stormtrooper (Two), Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, Rebel Commando (Two)$249.99 / €249.99August 16, 2013 (For LEGO Shop VIP members)
September 1, 2013 (General release)
UCSXWING110240Red Five X-wing Starfighter1559R2-D2$199.99 / €199.99May 4, 2013
Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.08.58 PM75059Sandcrawler3296Jawa (4x), Owen Lars, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, R2-D2, R2 Unit, R1-series Droid, Gonk Droid, R5-D4, Wed Treadwell Droid$299.99 / €299.99May 4, 2014
15118775372 04e718795275060UCS Slave I1996Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Bespin Guard, Han Solo$199.99 / €199.99January 1, 2015
Lego-75095-UCS-TIE-FIghter-Box75095TIE Fighter1685TIE Pilot (Redesigned)$199.99 / €199.99May 2, 2015
75098-Assault-on-Hoth75098Assault on Hoth214414$249.99 / €249.99April 30, 2016
29307823296 22ba52b79b b75159The Death Star4016R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Han Solo (New hair, blue legs), Luke Skywalker (Tatooine), Princess Leia Organa (Senator), Luke Skywalker (Final duel), Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo (New hair, Disguise), Luke Skywalker (Disguise), R3-M3, Death Star Droid, Stormtroopers (2), Imperial Gunners (2), Death Star Troopers (2), Imperial Officer , Imperial Navy Officer, Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Royal Guards (2)$499.99 / €499.99September 15, 2016 (VIP prerelease)
October 1, 2016 (Global Release)
32735091964 78a8641677 b75144Snowspeeder1703Snowspeeder Pilot, Snowspeder Gunner$199.99 / €199.992017
673px-75192-box75192Millennium Falcon7541BB-8, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Finn, Han Solo, Mynock, Porg, Princess Leia, Rey$799.99 / €799,99October 2017
7518175181Y-wing Starfighter1967Jon "Dutch" Vander, R2-BHD$199.99 / €199.992018
75252-1 63703288719745639075252Imperial Star Destroyer4784Imperial Officer, Imperial Crew$699.99 / €699.992019
75275 boxFront75275A-Wing Starfighter1673A-wing pilot$199.99 / €199.99May 1, 2020
75309 alt175309Republic Gunship3292Mace Windu, Clone Trooper Commander$349.99 / €349.99August 1, 2021
75313 box1 v2975313AT-AT6785Snowtrooper (4x), Snowtrooper Commander, AT-AT Pilot (2x), General Veers, Luke Skywalker$799.99 / €799.99November 26, 2021
75331 alt175331The Razor Crest6187The Mandalorian, Grogu, Mythrol, Kuiil$599.99 / €599.99October 3, 2022
75341 alt175341Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder1890Luke Skywalker, C-3PO$199.99 / €199.99May 4, 2022
75355 alt175355X-Wing Starfighter1949Luke Skywalker, R2-D2$239.99 / €239.99May 4, 2023
75367 alt175367Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser5374Captain Rex, Admiral Yularen$649.99 / €649.99October 4, 2023
75382 alt175382TIE Interceptor1931TIE Pilot, MSE-6 Droid$229.99 / €229.99May 4, 2024


Although no DC sets are explicitly UCS, the mention of Ultimate Collectors' Edition is similar to it. This list presents an extended list of different DC sets part or similar to Ultimate Collectors' Edition.

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
77847784The Batmobile Ultimate Collectors' Edition1045$69.99October 2006
76023 The Tumbler76023The Tumbler1869Batman , The Joker$199.99 / €199.99August 1, 2014
Lego-Classic-TV-Series-Batcave-76052-Box-Front-76052Batman Classic TV Series - Batcave2526Alfred Pennyworth, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, Dick Grayson, The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, Robin$269.99 / €249,992016
76139-1989-Batmobile-Box-Art761391989 Batmobile3306Batman, The Joker, Vicki Vale$249.99 / €249,99November 29, 2019
76161 alt1761611989 Batwing2363Batman, The Joker, Boombox$199.99 / €199.99October 22, 2020
76240 alt176240Batmobile Tumbler2049Batman, The Joker$229.99 / €229.99November 1, 2021


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
Lego Helicarrier76042The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier2996Captain America (Age of Ultron Variant and microfigure), Black Widow, Hawkeye (Age of Ultron Variant and microfigure), Iron Man (Microfigure), Nick Fury(The Avengers Variant and microfigure), Maria Hill, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents 8× (microfigure)$349.99 / €349.99March 1, 2015, Retired November 4, 2017
76105 The Hulkbuster Ultron Edition Box76105The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition1363Iron Man$119.99 / €129.99March 3, 2018
76210 alt176210Hulkbuster4049Tony Stark$549.99 / €549.99November 9, 2022


10177 Boeing 787 Dreamliner was identified as being part of the UCS line 2007 catalogs.

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1017710177Boeing 787 Dreamliner1197$79.992006


  1. According to Hoth Bricks' report on official communication about Master Builder Series, published on August 30th, 2018 on this blog article (in French, communication in English).