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Ulysses Klaw is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure that appears in Maximum Overload and LEGO Marvel's Avengers.



Ulysses Klaue was the son of an infamous scientist war-criminal who studied the rare metal Vibranium in the African country of Wakanda. Ulysses himself discovered how to create sonic weaponry with Vibranium and went about stealing the metal from the country. In his villainous exploits, Ulysses murdered the King of Wakanda only to be savagely attacked by his son T'Challa, resulting in the loss of his arm.

Barely escaping with his life, Ulysses Klaw used his stolen Vibranium to replace his lost arm with a sonic weapon and became a super-villain enemy to Black Panther and the Fantastic Four.

Klaw was a member of Ultron's Masters of Evil, and briefly became their leader after Ultron's first demise. He has also served in the team under other leaders.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ulysses Klaw is a black-market arms dealer as well as smuggler and gangster who had operated out of South Africa. He is a former acquaintance of Tony Stark from his weapons-dealing days. During an encounter with Ultron, Klaw sold his stockpile of Vibranium to the A.I. before losing his arm in an argument with Ultron.

Years later, Klaw replaced his hand with a cybernetic limb which could transform into a sonic-cannon powered by Vibranium and created from modified Wakandan mining-equipment. Klaw went about a scheme in-which he tried to rob much more Vibranium only to be betrayed by his henchman Kilmonger who had his own scheme and killed Ulysses.



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