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The Yoda Chronicles

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Umbara 2

The Yoda Chronicles

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Star Wars

Umbara 2 is the second episode of an online series labeled as The Yoda Chronicles.


The episode begins where the previous episode left off. The Umbaran MHC is attacking Yoda, Ahsoka Tano, Pong Krell, and the clones. A Z-95 Headhunder launches a missile at the Umbaran MHC, but the missile just bounces off the MHC and embeds itself in a cliff while the Umbaran MHC keeps on firing at the jedi and clones, destroying their AT-RT. On top of a cliff one one side of the canyon, Commando Droids and Sniper Droidekas also begin firing at the heroes. A 501st Clone Pilot from the adjacent cliff looks on in dismay though his electrobinoculars, but notices that the missile that embeded itself in the cliff is right under the droids. He fires at the missile, causing it and the portion of the cliff it was in to explode. This sends rubble, as well as the droids, falling into the canyon, but the MHC still proceeds to attack the jedi. Pong Krell builds a wall out of LEGO bricks to try and stop it, but the Umbaran MHC simply destroys the wall, causing the 501st Legion Clone Trooper to flee in panic. Yoda, however, has an idea. Using the force, he firmly holds a white 1x1 plate on the ground in the MHC's path. The MHC trips on this and is destroyed, causing the jedi to celebrate, while the 501st Legion Clone Trooper who fled earlier on feels embarrassed.


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