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Unagami (short for UnfinishedAdventure Game I) is a minifigure from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu released in 2020.


Unagami has a white beard and a matching hairpiece with a tall, red-bound ponytail; the same piece was remolded in black for Okino. His physical variant has black head, torso, and robed lower body pieces, all of which have unique printing. The head is double-sided, featuring a smiling expression with blue digital printing on one side and an angry face with red printing on the other. Unagami's hands are also red, as his shoulder armor piece, the mold for which was originally introduced in 2018.

Unagami's dragon form is oriental in style, covered in gunmetal gray armor with lit patches of red and cyan talons. The dragon has glowing red eyes with cyan eyebrow ridges.

Unagami's child form, which has yet to be released as a physical minifigure, uses the same hairpiece as his "adult" variant, but with a standard Minifigure yellow head. His torso is red, depicting a t-shirt with a yellow design printed on the front; he has short sleeves with yellow arms and hands. His legs are short and black.


In the Prime Empire Original Shorts episode "Upgrade", the Mechanic is able to pull off a successful heist and upgrade his robotic arm with help from Unagami, who communicates with him through a computer. Though initially refusing to reveal anything about himself, he eventually reveals his name to the criminal; he also notes that they will soon be able to accomplish something even more significant. In "Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?", Unagami sends the Mechanic and his gang on a mission to recover a strange motherboard. It is confiscated by the Ninja, but Jay inserts it into an old Prime Empire terminal in the Mechanic's hideout, thus fulfilling Unagami's plans. The other Ninja find Unagami's communication terminal and learn his name, but nothing else about him.

In "Dyer Island", the other Ninja come to the conclusion that Unagami is Milton Dyer, Prime Empire's embittered creator. In "Level Thirteen", he arranges for most of the inmates of Kryptarium Prison to escape. In "Superstar Rockin' Jay", a force of Red Visors attacks the Ninja as "enemies of Unagami"; Kai later insults him deliberately in order to arouse their wrath. After meeting Scott, they learn that his garage is protected by a special security field that even Unagami can't see through. In "I Am Okino", the Ninja enter the Prime Empire level Terra Kerana in search of the first of the three Keytanas, weapons needed to access Unagami's temple.

In "The Glitch", Richie attacks the Ninja and Okino on Unagami's orders, having been commissioned along with the rest of the Brotherhood of Rats to prevent them from obtaining the Keytanas. In "The Cliffs of Hysteria", Shifty explains-having learned from "the Mad Sushi Chef"-that Drones collect the energy cubes left behind by defeated Prime Empire players for a machine that Unagami is in the process of building. After capturing a damaged Red Visor, the group learns that Unagami is building a portal in hopes of reaching Ninjago. Realizing that he is Unagami's creation, Okino briefly contemplates leaving the Ninja so as to not be forced to betray them, but is encouraged to remain with them.

In "The Maze of the Red Dragon", Okino's fears are somewhat realized, as Unagami freezes time in order to appear to him and urge him to betray the Ninja so that the denizens of Prime Empire may escape into the real world. He warns a hesitant Okino that he will be left in Prime Empire if he refuses to obey him, and briefly assumes his dragon form in order to intimidate Okino into obedience. Later, Unagami pauses the battle between the Ninja and the Red Dragon, seeking to prevent Okino from giving the Ninja the advice that will enable them to defeat the beast. However, Okino chooses loyalty to his friends over obedience to his creator, and thus aids the Ninja in defeating the dragon. Angered by his rebellion, Unagami pauses time once more to inform Okino that, so far as Unagami is concerned, Okino will never see the gate leading to Ninjago.

In "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back", . In "Racer Seven", Scott explains that Racer Seven has been programmed to lose every race in the game, which Jay realizes is the work of Unagami. Lloyd seeks her out and encourages her to defy her programming, and she is persuaded to take his advice.

In "The Speedway Five-Billion", Scott explains to Seven that Unagami has been trying to find his garage for years; unfortunately, a Red Visor discovers its location as she's making her way inside. The Ninja share their speculation about Unagami's identity with Seven just before the garage is attacked, and Scott asks them to put a stop to Unagami before sacrificing himself to enable their escape. Unagami then provides the Red Visors with vehicles in order to chase the Ninja as they join the race, after briefly discussing Scott's demise and the Ninja escaping with one of the Visors. The Red Visors later warn Seven that the Ninja cannot hide from Unagami, but she counters with her own warning: the Ninja are coming for Unagami.

In "Stop, Drop and Side Scroll", the remaining Ninja arrive in Terra Domia, home to Unagami's Temple of Madness. In "Ninjago Confidential", Zane and P.I.X.A.L. investigate in Ninjago City under the continued assumption that Unagami is in fact Milton Dyer. The Mechanic notes that Unagami will be pleased after he captures Zane; P.I.X.A.L. later finds and confronts Dyer and learns that Unagami is, in fact, the game itself. In "The Prodigal Father", the Mechanic's Gang-acting on Unagami's orders-abduct Master Wu in order to force Zane to help them complete the Ninjago version of Unagami's portal. Dyer initially finds it impossible to comprehend that Unagami has apparently gained a life of his own, and explains to Pixal how Unagami caused Scott's disappearance, leading him to lock the game away.

In "The Temple of Madness", Jay and Nya-the last Ninja still active in the game-fight their way through the final obstacles to reach Unagami's lair, though Nya is converted into an energy cube. It proves to be the last one Unagami needs to complete his portal, which will allow him to travel to Ninjago to find Milton Dyer. As Jay learns to his surprise, Unagami wishes to learn why Dyer attempted to lock him away, and the A.I. attempts to leave for the real world. Jay attempts to halt him, but Unagami transforms into his dragon form and passes through the gate.

In "Game Over", Unagami-still in dragon form-arrives in Ninjago City, bringing an army of other Prime Empire inhabitants with him, and rampages through the city in search of Dyer. Jay, commanding the now Blue Dragon, arrives to confront him, leading to a running battle across the city. Unagami gains the upper hand in the battle, but Jay to convince him to talk, and he reverts to humanoid form just before Dyer arrives to speak with him. As Dyer speaks with his creation, Unagami takes on the form of a young child, and Dyer apologizes for failing to recognize the truth about him and offers him a chance to be completed. Unagami agrees to come home with Dyer and release the imprisoned gamers, on the condition that the Prime Empire characters be allowed to choose whether or not they will remain in Ninjago as well.

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In "Papergirl", Unagami-still in his child form-is seen living in Ninjago City, and waves to Antonia and Nelson after receiving a paper from them. In "The Turn of the Tide", Unagami is among the Ninjago Island residents who appear at the ceremony honoring Nya.

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