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Unagami's Minions are various characters within the world of Prime Empire who answer directly to Unagami or are employed by him in his efforts to thwart the Ninja.


Avatar Harumi

Main article: Harumi

Brotherhood of Rats

The Brotherhood of Rats is a group of characters from Prime Empire. They resemble humanoid rats. When competing in The Speedway Five-Billion, their team is known as the Whack Rats.

Atta the Ratta

Atta the Ratta is the unseen king of the Brotherhood of Rats, often referenced by the other members of the group.

Gray Rat

The Gray Rat has gray-colored fur, and wears a black leather vest with no visible clothing underneath.

Green Rat

The Green Rat has green-colored fur and wears a black leather vest, with black or dark gray fabric wrapped around his lower chest.


Main article: Hausner

Purple Rat


Main article: Richie


The Drones are flying robots that work as security forces alongside the Red Visors. They also have the specific task of collecting energy cubes after players lose their last life.

Red Visors

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Main article: Sushimi

Sushimi's staff

Sushimi has several lesser chefs working under him in Prime Empire, distinguished by blue, orange, and green head wraps. The group also includes a hostess (voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent) who attacks Jay and Nya with cleavers, after initially feigning friendliness.