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Universal Building Sets were released as early as 1966, but in 1973 the Basic LEGO sets became known as "Universal Building Sets". The sets were produced in two set number versions. One version was for produced for Europe, Britain, Australia and Canada (Canada started in 1974). The other version with the same box art but with different set numbers was for the USA. Most, but not all Universal Building sets between 1973 and 1981 were made for both geographic areas. Some of the sets were not sold in the USA. Universal Building Sets #2 thru #4 were first introduced in 1973 in continental Europe, Britain and Australia, followed by Canada in 1974. The USA versions under the numbers #105, #115 and #125 were also introduced in 1973.

Universal Building Sets sets were composed of an assortment of System bricks and building instructions that allowed to build various LEGO models related to a specific subject, in contrast to sets from other themes, such as LEGOLAND, which usually only contained pieces and instructions for one specific model. Other themes that were already present in that era were LEGOLAND and Trains.

The Universal Building Sets offered a greater range of a building possibilities and stirred the user's creativity to a larger extent than sets with just a single predefined model.

There were also Universal Building Sets for DUPLO and TECHNIC.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
070-Universal Building Set070Universal Building Set  1966
077-Large Basic Set077Large Basic Set  1972
088-Super Set0884.5V Super Set615€99.501969-1971
1 Basic Set1Basic Set107 1973
1MBS1Mini Building Set32 1981
10 Universal Building Set10Universal Building Set131 1976
1000910009Assorted Blue Bricks62$5.002001
107-1.1125542928.thumb21074.5V Motor Set31 1976
110-Universal Building Set110Universal Building Set131 1977
1106-Basic Building Set1106BASIC Building Set4112 1999
111-Universal Building Set111Universal Building Set2171 Homemaker Figure 1977
112-Universal Building Set112Universal Building Set2002 Homemaker Figures 1977
113-Universal Building Set113Universal Building Set2933 Homemaker Figures 1977
114-Universal Building Set114Universal Building Set3904 Homemaker Figures 1977
115-Building Set115Building Set191 1973
125-Building Set125Building Set234 1974
135135Building Set338 1973
140-Basic Set With Motor140Basic Set with Motor96 1970
145-Building Set145Building Set412 1974
15131513Basic Building Set Gift Item661 1989
1577-1.1221619631.thumb21577BASIC Bucket2161 Basic figure 1991
1658-11658Viking Line  1982
1679 Universal Building Set1679Basic Building Set390 1990
1701 21701Basic Building Set Trial Size26 1994
1703 21703Dalmatian Station Building Set175 1994
1705 21705Large Dinosaur Bucket321 1994
1715 Special Value1715Special Value400 1995
1743-Box of Standard Bricks, 5+1743Box of Standard Bricks, 5+400 1995
18091809Aeroplane29 1996
18191819Large Bucket950 1995
18231823Sailboat10 1997
18241824Flying Duck171 1997
18251825Racing Car19 1997
18261826Aeroplane19 1997
18271827Helicopter20 1997
18281828Basic Promotional Set7 1995
1845-20th Anniversary Jackpot Bucket184520th Anniversary Jackpot Bucket7082 1993
1867 Medium Bulk Bucket1867Medium Bulk Bucket400 1997
18821882Large Bucket4492 Basic figures 1991
18841884Small Bucket189 1992
18851885XL Bucket465 1992
19011901Mini Basic Set36None 1984
1901-21901Mini Building Set31 1984
19051905Mini Basic Set36 1982
19101910Promo Basic Set888 1982
19111911Basic Set34 1983
19201920Promo Basic Set119 1982
19221922Basic Building Set60 1983
1924 21924Viking Line Ferry203 1992
19321932Basic Building Set + Storage Case82 1984
19441944Basic Set with Storage Case1371 1983
19531953Mouse14 1989
19541954Basic Set with Storage Case1421 1984
1955Set1955Color Line Ferry245 1993
19631962Basic Building Set2161 1985
19631963Basic Set with Storage Case2151 1986
1964Set1964Basic Building Set27 1985
19941994Turtle Bucket with Motor182 1992
2-Basic Set2Basic Set149 1973
20-Universal Building Set20Universal Building Set2171 Homemaker figure 1976
2033-1-9118142752033DUPLO Elements with Storage Block6 1985
2309-12309Preschool Basic Blocks Set25 1983
2494 Purple Bucket2494Purple Bucket400 1998
2742 Loudspeaker2742Loudspeaker9 1999
275712757Bad Monkey9 1999
3-Basic Set3Basic Set191 1973
30-Universal Building Set30Universal Building Set2002 Homemaker Figures 1976
3032 Special Value Bucket3032Special Value Bucket600 1999
3033-13033Special Value Tub1200$19.991998
308-Basic Building Set308Basic Building Set30 1985
310-4.1189564302.thumb2310Basic Building Set46 1985
317-2.1187741506.thumb2317Basic Building Set66 1987
320-1.1162619024.thumb2320Basic Building Set771 Basic figure 1985
322-1-911200322322Basic Set75$6.001981
327-1.1200526471.thumb2327Basic Building Set 1 Basic figure 1987
330-1.1162707956.thumb2330Basic Building Set 2 Basic figures 1985
337-1.1191569091.thumb2337Basic Building Set 2 Basic figures 1987
340-1.1162619038.thumb2340Basic Building Set 2 Basic figures 1985
340 Blockhouse340Block House72 1968
347-2347Basic Building Set 2 Basic figures 1987
350-2.1206758219.thumb2350Basic Building Set3114 Basic figures 1985
355-2355Universal Building Set1452 Basic figures$18.501981
366-1366Universal Building Set1912 Basic figures 1981
4 Basic Set4Basic Set234 1973
40-Universal Building Set40Universal Building Set2933 Homemaker Figures 1976
402 Universal Building Set402Universal Building Set4014 LEGOLAND Minifigures 1977
404-Universal Building Set404Universal Building Set4593 LEGOLAND Minifigures 1977
4217-Playdesk and Bricks4217Classic Play Desk  1998
4220 Large Box of Bricks4220Large Box of Bricks428 1998
4281 Classic Trial Size4281Classic Trial Size25 1999
4282-Classic Trial Size4282Classic Trial Size37 1999
4284 Classic Trial Size4284Classic Trial Size1211 1999
4285 Basic Building Set4285Classic Value Bucket2561 1999
4291-Classic Build & Store Tub4291Classic Build & Store Tub7622$40.001999
5-Basic Set5Basic Set330 1973
50-Universal Building Set50Universal Building Set3904 Homemaker Figures 1976
504-1.1202005494.thumb2504Basic Building Set  1985
508-1.1200101931.thumb2508Basic Building Set62 1985
510-1-966216872510Basic Building Set105 1985
520-1.1122422823.thumb2520Basic Building Set1721 1985
530-1.1122424406.thumb2530Basic Building Set2632 1985
535-1535Basic Building Set 5+3452 1990
540-1.1122424422.thumb2540Basic Building Set4192 1985
544-1544Universal Building Set141 1981
550-1-911811821550Basic Building Set5142 1985
0566-1566Universal Building Set3072$26.001981
577-1-911200818577Basic Building Set4092$38.001981
599-1599Universal Building Set 3 1983
6-Basic Set6Basic Set338 1973
610 Rescue Helicopter610Rescue Helicopter35 1987
0611 Air Canada Jet Plane611Air Canada Jet Plane92 1988
624-16249v Basic Motor27 1997
628-xLarge Base Plate628X-Large Grey Baseplate1none$14.991996
639-16395+ Bulk Bricks400 1997
7-Basic Set7Basic Set412 1973
715-Basic Building Set715Basic Building Set408 1985
720-1.1122434220.thumb2720Basic Building Set3251 1985
722 Universal Building Set722Universal Building Set299 1980
725-Basic Building Set725Basic Building Set4272 1990
730-Basic Building Set730Basic Building Set420 1985
733 Universal Building Set733Universal Building Set524 1980
0735-1735Basic Building Set537 1990
740-1.1122519910740Basic Building Set523 1985
744744Universal Building Set572$59.001980
78-Basic Set78Basic Set191 1977
8-Basic Set8Basic Set665 1973
8-18Universal Building Set  1973
800 Gear Set800Gear Set120 1970
801 Gear Set801Gear Set115 1970
802 Gear Supplement 802Gear Supplement30 1970
8020 box8020Universal Set119 1984
GBT803803Gears, Bricks and Heavy Tires163 1972
8035 Universal Set8035Universal Set174 1986
8064 Universal Motorized Building Set8064Motorized Universal Building Set219$54.991990
8074 Box8074Universal Building Set with Flex System300 1991
810-3.1122687922.thumb2810Gear Set114 1974
811-2.1124728079.thumb2811Gear Set177 1974
812-1.1105127517.thumb2812Gears, Axels & Bricks60 1974
820-2.1175218617.thumb2820Wood Playbox Full, Large  1966
821-2.1175218637.thumb2821Wood Playbox Empty, Large  1966
822-2.1175218648.thumb2822820 Wood Playbox Full, Meduim  1966
823-1823Wood Playbox Empty, Medium  1966
890 Wind-Up Motor890Wind-Up Motor10 1981
9-19Universal Building Set116 1978
90 Super Set90Super Set  1973
910-1.1122434210.thumb2910Universal Building Set2943 1976
911-1911Universal Building Set4014 LEGOLAND Minifigures 1976
912-Universal Building Set912Universal Building Set4593 LEGOLAND Minifigures 1976

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