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I am a big fan of this game.

About me

I am a bounty hunter. :)

My Userboxes

LEGO Star Wars Blue Logo This user collects Star Wars LEGO.
Skater13 This user is a Teenage Fan of LEGO.
Gamer This user is a LEGO gamer.
Tumblr n4ct11siIk1tw2318o1 400 This user enjoys making their own custom LEGO Sets and Minifigures.
Lego Digital brick This user is a LEGO Digital Designer.
Movie 2009-09-04 01-20 This user thinks BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn was awesome!
TAOCP box This user thinks The Adventures of Clutch Powers was awesome!
Hero factory text logo This user collects Hero Factory LEGO.
My Lego Network This user is a member of My LEGO Network.

My favorite pages

A few of my favorite pages are: LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, Star Wars Mini, LEGO Master Builder Academy,

Some pictures

Jedi archives

The Jedi Temple library. I have been there a few times ;)

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