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This user was Brickipedian of the Month in February 2012

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"Everyone unconsciously picks out an ideal self from a mixture from the vortex of their environment and inheritance, and expects themself to hold to it. In order to reduce unnecessary human suffering, one ought to let the ideal self merge itself with the vortex of our lives, in accordance with the view that a Higher Person rules over the vortex and will ensure a basic sense of personality continues to exist in one's life." — Anonymous Philosopher

" To stand as one's own distinct person (with everything that entails) even when operating in society, and to be friendly to society as one has experienced it (with all that entails as well) even when cut off from it, this is the pinnacle of solely human perfection. Such a constitution comes only by the way of the finger of God." — Anonymous Philosopher

" Art is appealing because it grants a temporary escape from the world which allows us to re-affirm the world in which the art exists. Art is for those who are strong enough to be compassionate to the weak regardless of the way of the world." — Anonymous Philosopher

"Nothing (a situation or a person) is completely monstrous. Battle hard, therefore, trying to focus with all your might on fighting for what is good in your enemies as much as one can, so that you do not become a monster oneself. In this way, the monstrous will disappear without infecting the slayer. Do what is necessary to achieve this goal." — Anonymous Philosopher

"Understanding there are legitimate differences between the genders set deep within their biological nature, the real man will treat women as his equal in every way which a human being has conscious control of, and will have compassion on women for any unconscious weakness. Because of the extreme difficulty in consciously preserving in this path of life while also maintaining control over the other area's of one's life , there is no shame for men who do so in allowing compassion from women in the reverse." — An Anonymous Philosopher

Hello there I'm Agent Swipe a Patroller & Rollback here at Brickipedia. I have been a member of Brickipedia since December 28, 2010.

The Legend of Swipe

United States of America.


1.Rollbacking rights
2.Patroller rights
3.250 Edits
4.400 Edits
5.600 Edits
6.1,000 Edits
7.2,000 Edits
8.5,000 Edits
9.Brickipedian of the month
10.1,000 more edits by the end of this week.





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