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Welcome to Akamichi's Page, this user was Joker97484

I do not help out on this wiki anymore and am considered inactive.


Logo-avatar This user collected Avatar: The Last Airbender LEGO.
Ben10 This user collected Ben 10 LEGO.
Harrypotter This user collected Harry Potter LEGO.
Tbt 0179 brick lego indiana jones This user collected Indiana Jones LEGO.
Lego lotr This user collects The Lord of the Rings LEGO.
MonsterFightersLogo This user collects Monster Fighters LEGO.
Ninjago logo This user collects Ninjago LEGO.
Ninja-Logo This user collected Ninja LEGO.
Legospidey This user collected Spider-Man LEGO.
LEGO Star Wars Blue Logo This user collects Star Wars LEGO.
Pic8DF9195066F31D103AE84D9CFA227C5C This user collects Heroica LEGO.
LEGO Bricks This user is currently addicted to Brickipedia!
Minifighead-headset This user can be found on chat.
Passenger 3181 This user is male.
Green brick-questionsmark This user is always willing to help any contributor on Brickipedia.
Gamer This user is a LEGO gamer.
Skater13 This user is a Teenage Fan of LEGO.
Bacon Lover
Yoda this user is a wise jedi master
Sw180 this user has defeated many sith
Minifighead-headset This user can be found on chat.
Lego Digital brick This user is a LEGO Digital Designer.

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