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Anakin Revanchist

  • I live in The United States
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is Emperor of the Revanites
  • I am The Senate
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Anakin Revanchist

Emperor Anakin Revanchist III (Not my real name, my actual name is a secret)


Honestly, I'm so old that I don't even remember my age! (Actually I do know my age, I'm just very secretive about it...)


Celestial (In reality I'm American...)

Time zone:

CST (UTC -6:00)

Themes collecting/collected:

The themes I have collected are listed above... duh!

Customs I have been currently working on:

Custom:LEGO Star Wars: The Entire Saga

Moral Alignment:

Chaotic Good


Emperor of the Revanites, Member of House Revanchist


Revanite Emperor, Commander-in-chief of the Revanite Military

Zodiac Sign:



August 2


Male (duh!)

Hello there, <insert name here>, the name is Anakin Revanchist. I am a Revanite that is planning to create customs.

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