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Custom 'Sjips' seal of approval.

The family of tumble beasts that I adopted after retreiving them from the hitch hikers wiki.

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My achievements:

  • MOC of the month, December 2011
  • Chat Moderator
  • Accepted into the famous TFOL Private group (MOCPages) with a six year membership.

Help me out!

  • I love making new MOCs, especially from science fiction and film franchise.
  • I am in constant need of ideas to shift the bricks cluttering my desk and studio.
  • Send me an email or leave a message on my talk page with ideas for a future MOC.
  • If I use your idea, you will be credited and given a shiny star!
  • Please don't send me a name of an existing, official lego set or minifigure. (But an idea for an unofficial minifigure will be taken into account.)
  • Good luck and thank you in advance!


My top 5 MOCs

  • 1) Zombie School
  • 2) Traxus: Spade
  • 3) Tiger Tank
  • 4) UKCM: Thunderchild
  • 5) Araneae-Battle Walker


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Congratulations! You have found all of the Tumble Beasts! Your reward is-a Tumble Beast!
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