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I live in the UK, and love LEGO Star Wars, and I make LEGO animations as a hobby. My favourite sport is football, and I play it every day at school. d:


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Favourite Sets

Yes, I am a Star Wars fan.
# Set Pieces Figures Price (in UK £) Released Theme
My favourite sets
10188 Death Star 3803 24 £274.99 June 2009 Star Wars
8098 Clone Turbo Tank 1141 6 £99.99 Aug. 2010 Star Wars
7676 Republic Attack Gunship 1034 5 £99.99 July 2009 Star Wars
7985 City of Atlantis 686 5 £39.99 Jan. 2011 Atlantis
8404 Public Transport 864 6 £79.99 Aug. 2010 City
3862 Harry Potter Hogwarts 333 9 £24.99 Aug. 2010 LEGO Games
7869 Battle for Geonosis 331 5 £35.99 Jan. 2011 Star Wars
7868 Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter 313 5 £35.99 Jan. 2011 Star Wars