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Brikkyy13's line of collectable minifigures are a line of "e-figures" available on request. There are 5 in each series. 3 are common, 1 is rare and 1 is ultra-rare. To request one, just ask on Brikkyy13's talk page. PLEASE NOTE: Minifigures are random, and you will not be able to choose.

Series 1

Series one is known as the Ninjago series.



2.Zane DX

3.General Kozu


4.NRG Jay



Series 2

Series 2 is known as the Batman series.



2.Harley Quinn

3.Mr. Freeze


4.The Joker




If you really like E-Figures, take out a subscription! Request it on Brikkyy13's talk page. On subscription, each subscriber will receive:

  • Two E-figures(one of which is only available to subscribers!)
  • One E-figure every two weeks
  • The right to cancel anytime!

NOTICE: Previous subscriptions have been CANCELLED. You may re-subscribe. If you have had a previous subscription, please tell me. You will receive an exclusive E-Figure available only through this error

35th anniversary of the minifigure

To celebrate the minifigure's 35th anniversary, the minifigure that will be selected by users will be available in the "35th anniversary E-Figure pack"

  • QtbFA (questions to be frequently asked)
    • How do I get this E-Figure pack?
    • Upon request, much like a normal E-Figure
    • When can I get this promotion?
    • For two weeks ONLY upon completion of the minifigure survey
    • What is in this pack?
    • The pack will include the "Greatest Minifigure of all time", along with 2 commons, an ultra rare and a certificate of authenticity for the "Greatest Minifigure of all time"
    • Where can I vote for the Minifigure?
    • You can vote for it here.

Limited Edition

Rumor has it that there are 3 limited edition E-Figures waiting to be given out! Only 3 are available!

Return Policy

Not happy with you e-figure? Return it! You can return your e-figure by removing it off your talk page, and then posting a comment on my talk page saying "Returning (No. of e-figures returning) e-figures". You will then receive new e-figures to replace the old ones.

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