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It's definitely not Bob



Hello there , welcome to my profile! My name is Brikkyy13, and I am addicted to LEGO!!!!!!!! I have a account as well.

Wiki Activity

On Brikipedia I used to be an active user. I'm hoping to get my edits up again.
Recently, I added three new articles and removed the all the red links in 5900 Set of FABULAND Books, and fixed everything to do with the two different Angler Fishes
Possibly my biggest accomplishment on the wiki is removing ALL of the redlinks on LEGOLAND Billund Resort.

Red Link Rangers and the AWM

Since all of the people with groups have gone, I've swooped in and taken their place. The AWM, or active wiki movement, focuses primarily on making sure the activity feed never stops! Based on comments made by people, I guess this is the replacement for the F12. The Red Link Rangers focus on removing every red link on the wiki! For those of you who were part of Cligra's Commandos, this is the replacement.


Attention all you hard core LEGO collectors, now you can collect LEGO online! I have launched my line of "e-figures"! To see all the ones available, click here! To request one, go to my talk page. PLEASE NOTE: You will receive "e-figures" randomly. You will not be able to request certain minifigures.


Now you can Subscribe!! Request a Subscription on my talk page!

Current Series

Series 1
Series 2



My new award! Do you best on the wiki and I'll give it to you!


  1. Jeyo
  2. NightblazeSaber
  3. Berrybrick
  4. BrickfilmNut

Random Brikk

Just like the Brikk, only given out randomly! Will you be lucky enough to get one?


  1. Shaddowwarrior016
  2. BrickSticks
  3. Irnakk
  4. Stormbringer Empire791
  5. Saburo954

LEGO Collection overview

I have over 200 LEGO sets in my collection, and get new ones almost every fortnight.

Favorite Sets

  1. 10188 Death Star

Will update more when I have time.

=Most Recent Set account

I have submitted 20 reviews and I am a top 250 contributor. My avatar resembles Bob (see picture in user box).

User Page Talk Awards 35th Anniversary of the Minifigure
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