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Cam Eron14

aka Kal Zanon XII, Kamm Eris, Lee, K, Etc.

  • I live in Space Inbetween the Fiction Multiverse (formerly Eden)
  • My occupation is Hero, Christian, and leader of The Brainstrummers
  • I am Male on this Universe

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My favorite pages

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Likes (all)

  • LEGO's
    • Superheroes
    • Star Wars
    • Scooby-Doo (liked it a lot when I was little, still ok.)
  • Gravity Falls
  • Adventure Time
  • Teen Titans (Original TV Show)
  • Regular Show
  • Steven Universe
  • Ton of other unmetioned cartoons
  • Anime (Mostly what I watch now.)
  • Video Games (Mostly LEGO, but could be any.)
  • Star Wars
  • Transformers (Before Michael Bay)
  • MARVEL and DC (Practically obsessed with MARVEL. (Probably not a good thing. lol.))
  • Emo Girls (not goth (yes there's a difference.))
  • ADVENTURE (an activity if possible.)
  • Animals
  • Helping People (because)
  • Supernatural Things (even tho I no those things aren't real.)
  • Creepypasta (occasionally)
  • Romance (In anime and cartoon.)
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