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Collecting LEGO's is my life. I usually buy 1 LEGO set per week. I started to collect them about 4 years ago and after that, my collection grew steadily. At first, I just collected Star Wars. Then, Aqua Raiders came out and I had to have those. After that, I went onto City and Mars Mission and then to Indiana Jones. Then, I bought the LEGO Video Games, such as the LEGO Star Wars saga. After a while, I found a cool Bionicle playset at Toys "R" Us, which was on sale. That's when I got into Bionicle (although my first set was 8605 Toa Matau, which I got before I started to collect LEGO's). Since then, I've collected those, as well as Power Miners, Atlantis (to make up for the one Aqua Raiders set I missed out on), Kingdoms, and LEGO Games. Anyways, I like to have structure in a wiki. When I came to this one, I saw it was in need of some. I also hate, hate, hate vandalism! I think it's awful, and whoever does it should be warned/blocked. I hope to help Brickipedia in all ways possible, although I like to focus on small articles. I'll see you around Brickipedia! Sincerely, Construction Worker Do you need help?


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Within Brickipedia:

  • Create/Fix Small Articles (Hence the name Construction Worker)
  • Revert Vandalism
  • Build Structure (Again, hence the name Construction Worker)
  • Eventually gain Rollback status
  • Create and work on all Holiday articles
  • Get Brickipedians to visit my wiki
  • Eventually gain Administrator status
  • Create and work on all City Center articles

Outside Brickipedia:

  • Buy and Build LEGO's
  • Work on other Wiki


  • Spread the word of God


Which one of these themes is your favorite?

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