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For those fans of the LEGO Minifigures series (wasn't made by me, by the way :P)

If you think I can answer a question you have, please ask on my talk page, or on the Brickipedia chat when you see me, thanks :)

lols, a chimp.

About me

I started to receive LEGO since my seventh birthday in 2002. My first LEGO sets (Minus the various Duplo blocks I had when I was a toddler) were 4708 Hogwarts Express and 4730 The Chamber of Secrets.

But what really got me into Lego was the Adventurer's sub theme Orient Expedition that made me want to collect LEGO. Heck, I got every set in the sub-sub jungle theme,and in the China theme to!

I like to win things, especially contests, the only place I know is #1, unless I get blue shelled at the last second. D:

Annoying blue shells be damned!

  • My favourite telly show is the original 1960s Thunderbirds.
  • My favourite film(s) would be the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
  • My favourite LEGO video-game is LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga.
  • My favourite non-LEGO video-game is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
  • My favourite non-LEGO video-game series is Mario Kart.
  • My favourite food is fish fingers.
  • My favourite drink is diet Cola-cola.
  • My favourite animal is Crocodile.
  • My favourite type of music is Video-game music.

About my passion for Lego:

I have a large LEGO collection expanding all various themes, from old themes such as Town to newer themes such as Alien Conquest. Out of all of my LEGO, I would definitely suggest that my Star Wars collection is by far the most biggest, and my favourite LEGO theme. I am definitely looking forward to LEGO Lord of the Rings. For a couple of birthdays, I would get £75-£150 spending money and visit a local toy store to spend the money on a large collection of Lego sets in one theme. Yep, my parents funded my LEGO addiction, which cost them a lot, obviously. :D

I don't like to customize my LEGO in terms of breaking it purposefully, or by drawing on them, and I somewhat have a negative opinion on non-genuine LEGO (Brickarms etc). I have never had a problem with the weapon molds LEGO use in their sets, so that's why I've never gone to Brickarms.

I just need a Legend of Zelda LEGO theme and my life will be complete, well, Lego-wise. :D


Seether, my non-Jedi/non-Sith ghost.

V-wing (2005 variation)

Some guns

My custom take on the Citadel Challenge as seen in The Clone Wars season 3 episode 1.

Empire VS Rebellion space fight.

The Golden Chalice Knight for Racelord's Knight contest.

The bar you want to go to in the galaxy to socialize with people who aren't better than you. :D

Now, who doesn't enjoy a bouncy toy?

You all thought I was mad! MAD! But I did it! The powers of General Grievous and Samukai combined! MUHAHAHA!

Rear view of UGDC

The Green Ninja

Green Ninge Strikes back.png

L-R Anacondrai Warrior, Soldier and Scout. Pythor and staff at the back.

Pages I Created

4428 City Advent Calender

My favourite pages

My Favourite Lego Themes

Sets I Own

1349 LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set

1351 Movie Backdrop Studio

1357 Cameraman

1363 Stunt Go-Cart

1374 Green Goblin

1382 Scary Laboratory

1383 Curse of the Pharaoh

2254 Mountain Shrine

2258 Ninja Ambush

2259 Skull Motorbike

2260 Ice Dragon Attack

2263 Turbo Shredder

2504 Spinjitzu Dojo

2505 Garmadon's Dark Fortress

2507 Fire Temple

2509 Earth Dragon Defense

2516 Ninja Training Outpost

2518 Nuckal's ATV

2519 Skeleton Bowling

2520 Ninjago Battle Arena

2521 Lightning Dragon Battle

3055 Adventurers Car

3182 Airport

3413 Goal Keeper

3414 Precision Shooting

3538 Snowboard Boarder Cross Race

3548 Slam Dunk Trainer

3804 Yoda Key Chain with Pen Bead Elements

3838 Lava Dragon

4184 The Black Pearl

4195 Queen Anne's Revenge

4492 Mini Star Destroyer

4493 Mini Sith Infiltrator

4701 The Sorting Hat

4704 Chamber of the Winged Keys

4705 Snape's Classroom

4708 Hogwarts Express

4709 Hogwarts Castle

4711 Flying Lesson

4728 Escape from Privet Drive

4730 The Chamber of Secrets

4731 Dobby's Release

4733 The Dueling Club

4735 Slytherin

4755 Knight Bus

4757 Hogwarts Castle

4762 Rescue from the Merpeople

4768 The Durmstrang Ship

5626 Coast Guard Bike

5627 Dozer

5921 Research Glider

5978 The Secret of the Sphinx

6205 V-Wing Fighter

6210 Jabba's Sail Barge

6212 X-Wing Fighter

6243 Brickbeard's Bounty

6579 Ice Surfer

6602 Scorpion Buggy

6617 Tough Truck Rally

6731 Skateboarding Pepper

6732 Brickster's Trike

6733 Snap's Cruiser

6735 Air Chase

6736 Beach Lookout

6814 Ice Tunnelator

7036 Dwarves' Mine

7189 Mill Village Raid

7235 Police Motorcycle

7236 Police Car

7237 Police Station

7238 Fire Helicopter

7239 Fire Truck

7241 Fire Car

7246 Mini Digger

7251 Darth Vader Transformation

7252 Droid Tri-Fighter

7255 General Grievous Chase

7261 Clone Turbo Tank

7344 Dump Truck

7409 Secret of the Tomb

7410 Jungle River

7411 Tygurah's Roar

7412 Yeti's Hideout

7413 Passage of Jun-Chi

7414 Elephant Caravan

7416 Emperor's Ship

7424 Black Cruiser

7418 Scorpion Palace

7419 Dragon Fortress

7571 The Fight for the Dagger

7620 Motorcycle Chase

7623 Temple Escape

7624 Jungle Duel

7634 Tractor

7654 Droids Battle Pack

7655 Clone Troopers Battle Pack

7656 General Grievous' Starfighter

7662 Trade Federation MTT

7663 Sith Infiltrator

7668 Rebel Scout Speeder

7669 Anakin's Jedi Starfighter

7680 The Twilight

7702 Thunder Fury

7703 Fire Vulture

7708 Uplink

7711 Sentry

7748 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid

7749 Echo Base

7752 Count Dooku's Solar Sailer

7770 Deep Sea Treasure Hunter

7772 Lobster Strike

7773 Tiger Shark Attack

7775 Aquabase Invasion

7780 The Batboat: Hunt for Killer Croc

7869 Battle For Geonosis

7890 Ambulance

7899 Police Boat

7901 Airplane Mechanic

7913 Clone Trooper Battle Pack

7914 Mandalorian Battle Pack

7915 Imperial V-wing Starfighter

7929 The Battle of Naboo

7930 Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship

7931 T-6 Jedi Shuttle

7956 Ewok Attack

7957 Sith Nightspeeder

7959 Geonosian Starfighter

7961 Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator

7964 Republic Frigate

7965 Millennium Falcon

7962 Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba's Podracers

8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack

8015 Assassin Droids Battle Pack

8016 Hyena Droid Bomber

8018 Armoured Assault Tank (AAT)

8019 Republic Attack Shuttle

8036 Separatist Shuttle

8038 The Battle of Endor

8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack

8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack

8089 Hoth Wampa Cave

8092 Luke's Landspeeder

8093 Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter

8095 General Grievous' Starfighter

8096 Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle

8098 Clone Turbo Tank

8129 AT-AT Walker

8401 LEGO City Minifigure Collection

8683 Forestman { Series 1 Minifigures 2/16


8826 Ice Fisherman { Series 5 Minifigures 13/16

Evil Dwarf

Small Clown

Egyptian Queen



Lizard Man




Royal Guard

Fitness Instructor


8827 Skater Girl { Series 6 Minifigures 16/16

Classic Alien


Roman Soldier

Kimono Girl

Highland Battler



Statue of Liberty

Space Woman






Clockwork Robot

8831 Bunny Suit Guy { Series 7 Minifigures 16/16

Grandma Visitor


Jungle Boy


Evil Knight

Viking Woman


Tennis Ace


Galaxy Patrol

Ocean King

Aztec Warrior

Computer Programmer

Rocker Girl

Swimming Champion

9488 Elite Clone Trooper & Commando Droid Battle Pack

9491 Geonosian Cannon

9492 TIE Fighter

9494 Anakin's Jedi Interceptor

10132 Motorized Hogwarts Express

10159 City Airport

10188 Death Star

10193 Medieval Market Village

30010 Fire Chief

30018 Police Microlight

30024 Truck

30056 Star Destroyer

30082 Ninja Training

30086 Hidden Sword

30087 Cole's Mini-Car

30110 Trolley

30111 The Lab

30121 Grem

30140 ADU Walker

30141 jet-pack

30150 Racing Car

30160 Bat Jetski

30161 Batmobile

6005192 TC-14

Don't own but would like to

7155 Trade Federation AAT

10189 Taj Mahal

LEGO video games I own

5701 LEGO Loco

5708 LEGO Rock Raiders

5731 LEGO Island

5774 LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge

55000 LEGO Universe

Island Xtreme Stunts (Game)

LEGO Batman: The Videogame

LEGO Creator: Harry Potter

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues


LEGO Racers 2

LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga



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