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Darthchsig 12:18, January 14, 2010 (UTC)


Custom Minifigures

Here are some of my self-created computer generated minifigures. I created them on Paint, which is available on all Microsoft computers Vista and older (the Windows 7 edition of Paint is a completely different software.) Enjoy!

Clone Commander Gree

Here is Commander Gree, a clone trooper who serves the Republic. He was the commander of a squad and served under Luminara. On the left is my custom minifigure and on the right is a real picture of Gree from Wookiepedia.


A Clone Commando in the specialized Katarn armor. The Clone Commandos are specially trained Clone Troopers who wear special armor and work in squads of four. On the left is my custom minifigure and on the right is a real picture of a Clone Commando from Wookiepedia.


Delata Clone Commando 1138, or Boss is a Clone Commando and is the leader of Delta Squad. HE has painted his specialized Katarn armor.

Commander Appo

Here is CC-1119, a clone trooper better known as Commander Appo, Commander of the Attack on the Jedi Temple (Operation Knightfall) and the 501st Legion. On the left is my custom minifigure and on the right is a real picture of Appo from Wookiepedia.

Current Projects

I am currently working on two projects. Please feel free to correct mistakes or grammar. I would greatly appreciate it.


Project: Clone is my latest project. For this project, I will try to edit as many Star Wars pages as possible.


≠ means done ± means Work In Progress/Going to be done

Old School Bionicle

I'm going to be working on all articles I can concerning the "Old School" Bionicle sets.

≠ Massively edited → Work in progress


I am also currently working on Project: Parts

I will try to create an article on every lego part using I will make a list here of what i've done. Further expansion to these articles by anyone would be appreciated.



My goal is to create a vast knowledge base of Lego video games.


± Means I created the page → Means I will create the page

Project: Ewok

Edit all pages involved with Ewoks.

Project Ewok is almost complete! I will be adding content to the list in the meantime.


≠ means done ± means Work In Progress


≠ means done ± means Work In Progress

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