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aka Agent Dagger

  • I live in My Secret Command Base
  • My occupation is Top Secret Spy
  • I am *Classified information*
Welcome to My Userpage!


  • A cool set I made based off the Alpha Team Ice Blade set. I made this with the Ariel Defense Unit set.
  • I made this from the Brickmaster AT-AT set. It folds up for space travel.
  • A Space Police set I made from the Squidman's Escape set.
  • A Scene from the agents movie I am working on.
  • My current MLN page.
  • I Finally won Junkbot Undercover!!!
  • The best game on that was gotten rid of. I was class A back in the good ol days :D
  • A Power Miners meme I made
  • Another PM meme. These guys are so expressive you just gotta caption them :P




About me

I love LEGO and have since I was 4. I and have been in the lego club since 2005. My favorite LEGO theme is Alpha Team. Second is Adventurers and tied for third are Western and Spybotics.
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I wonder what Carly Rae Jepsen think of all the parodies of her song. Dunno, they're usually better than her song is :P

My Favorite Themes

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