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THE PLACE WITH ALL THE GADGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The collest set ever in my opinion 4842_Hogwarts_Castle


Dobby's sock.

File:Lego Star Wars An Average Death Star Day (Extended Edition)
Lego2 Hagrid Harry spell

Lego Harry Potter will be AWESOME!

Hello and welcome to my user page,if you want entertainment,it's name on Brickipedia is Eddlikeshhotsauce.

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I can also be found on Ed wiki Family Guy Harry Potter Funnypedia

Eddlikeshotsauce's sets

9901 Hookhand's Trap includes Eddlikeshotsauce,Hookhand

9902 Ballad of Boulavard Street includes Eddlikeshotsauce,Hunter,Skeleton,Swamp Monster

==Minifigures:How to make desired minifigures==File:Harry Potter Lego Thing

Ed,Edd n' Eddy minifigures


My favorite minifig(even though I dont have it)

Take an average yellow minifigure head and get a marker(preferably a black Sharpie).Draw Ed's face-a smile and a unibrow-and put it on an all green body.Take off the legs from the hips and put some black legs where the green ones were originally.Color the bottom part of the hips so that the top of the legs are even with the part of the hips that are colored.Draw the jacket on the body and some of the hips and you have an Ed minifigure.


WARNING!This minifigure requires adult supervision to make.

Me in lego digital designer

  • This minifigure does not have a normal headpiece.It has a modified version of a hat.
  • This character is also called Double D.
How to make

Take an average flesh head and with a Sharpie take the head and draw some wrinkles near his eyes and some hair on the back of his head.Attach the head to a red body and sky blue pants.Now take a black kid's hat and cut off the brim with a pocket knife.Then attach that to the rest of the body.You now have Edd.

P.S.-I found out that you can use a black Sherpa Brawler Hat.It's easier,though the hat is rare.

Harry Potter

File:LEGO Harry Potter - Meeting Voldemort Gameplay
File:LEGO Harry Potter Exclusive Gameplay

Cool Stuff from 2010


Burrow is awesome!!


--'User:Eddlikeshotsauce' Avada Kedavra you died.

Fav Sets


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