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Welcome Guest!! I am GalenMarek12311, but you can call me Galen. I am a fan of LEGO Star Wars and lots of other themes. I also make custom LEGO stuff, mainly minifigures.

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Sets Owned

For my Brickset profile and my owned sets see below: [1]

About me

Hello, I am Galen Marek, Darth Vader's secret apprentice. When I am not serving my master, I am making edits around pages. I only try to put true edits that are from sources or my own stach of LEGO products! When a page needs true editing, I will be there. So beware of my fast techniques with a lightsaber, and editing. But in real life, I'm just a normal guy.

Pages I've Created

Sources I've Found

Latest Set

My latest set was 6862 Superman vs. Power Armour Lex.

My favorite pages

|* 2011 |* Star Wars |* Super Heroes |* Alien Conquest |* Ninjago |* Collectable Minifigures |* Pirates of the Caribbean |* Agents 2.0



The front of the licensed minifigure Galen Marek.

The front of my custom Galen Marek.

Custom Sith (Darth Executor) (made up guy)

Custom clone (General Get (pronounced Jet) (made up guy)

General Get's back (shows backpack)

General Get's face

Custom Iron Man (not my custom, bought it on ebay)

Custom Iron Man's backround

My elf for the building contest.

Back of my elf.

The front of Get's Jetpack and a landing pad.

The back of Gets jetpack.

The side of Get's jetpack.

An image of a 2012 set I found.
Compare this with the one above.
My Custom TFU 2 Galen Marek.

Custom Jedi (Darth Executor as Jedi)

The front of a custom battle I made with Vader (battle damaged) and Galen 2.

The back of the battle.

The side of the battle.

Another side.

The fall catalog with a surprise in the back.

Surprise! A teaser photo of the 9492 TIE Fighter that I found

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