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:D This user now has rollback. Thanks everybody!
GG260.jpg This user thinks GameGear's rule!
:D This user is currently happy.
Special:Editcount/GameGear360/UserBoxes This user has made Special:Editcount/GameGear360/UserBoxes edits on Brickipedia.
This user was Brickipedian of the Month in November 2009
:) This user likes cats.
:( This user almost had an advent calendar.
:{ This user does not collect LEGO as often as he used to.
:\ He is too busy.
:D On Brickipedia.
:P This user shares a Youtube account.
:} This user has over 3000 edits.
:] This user likes games.
XD This user really likes Sega GameGear and Nintendo Gamecube.
:O Are you still reading these?
XO No you ARE!
progress-wheel.gif The end.
Noben10.jpg This user thinks that Ben 10 LEGO is a FAIL.
Turk.jpg This user wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Adventurers.png This user collected Adventurers LEGO.
Lego Agents.jpg This user collected Agents LEGO.
Castlelogo.jpg This user collected Castle LEGO.
City-logo.gif This user collects City LEGO.
Tbt 0179 brick lego indiana jones.jpg This user collected Indiana Jones LEGO.
Mars Mission.png This user collected Mars Mission LEGO.
Pirates logo2.jpg This user collected Pirates LEGO.
LEGO Star Wars Blue Logo.png This user collects Star Wars LEGO.
Cop-torso.jpg This user is a recent changes patroller.
Customs Wiki.png This user also contributes to the Custom Lego Wiki.
Lego Digital brick.gif This user is a LEGO Digital Designer.
Gamer.jpg This user is a LEGO gamer.
Space.jpg This user collects Space LEGO.
:D Happy Easter!