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My favorite pages

My favorite Iron armors

31294995756 f302c13b06 b.jpg
LEGO Iron Man Mark 1.png
Iron Man Mark 37.jpg
LEGO Iron Man Igor.png
LEGO Rescue 2020.png
Rescue Endgame.jpg
Iron Man Mark 39.jpg
LEGO Iron Man Mark 41.png
Lego Mark XLV.png
Iron Man Mark XLVI.jpg
33873469334 2c0fd9db0c b.jpg
Iron Man (Mark 50).jpg
Lego Iron Man Endgame.jpg
LEGO Iron Man 2020.png
Mark 38.png
Superior Iron Man Video Game Variant.jpg
Old west Iron man.jpg
Iron Venom.png
LEGO Prototype Iron Man.png
Marvel Blazer.png
Marvel Tazer.png
War Machine Mark 2 Iron Man 3.png
LEGO War Machine 2020.png
LMSH2 Ironheart.png
Iron Howard.png
Mighty MicrosModel PrimeMark 1Mark 37IgorRescue 2020Rescue 2019GeminiBonesMark 45Mark 46Mark 47Mark 50Mark 85Square Enix GameIgor (Game)SuperiorOld WestIron VenomPrototype Iron ManBlazerTazerWar Machine Mark 2War Machine Mark 4.5War Machine 2020Bleeding EdgeIronheartIron Duck

My favorite Batsuits

Christian Bale Batman.png
SpaceBatman 2015.png
21380459090 4f13604a35 o.jpg
Excalibur Batman.jpg
Glam Metal Batman.jpg
Batman (Tactical Suit).png
Mermaid Batman.jpeg
Firestarter Batsuit.jpeg
Knightmare Batman.jpg
70836 (4).jpg
70838 (4).jpg
The Dark Knight RisesBatman BeginsSpace SuitLEGO DimensionsBatman V SupermanBattle Suit1966Pirate BatmanExcalibur BatmanGlam MetalTactical SuitMermaid BatmanFirestarterWizbatKnightmare BatmanThrasher SuitArkham KnightTLM2Wedding1989 (Redesign)Golden Age1966 (Game)The Dark Knight ReturnsVampire

Sets that i own(ed)

My Customs

My LEGO Originals Project

Thee LEGO Originals Project is a project that I created.

The LEGO Batfamily Collection

  • LEGO Red Hood:Redemption
  • LEGO Batgirl:Return
  • LEGO Nightwing:Justice
  • LEGO Red Robin:Rebirth
  • LEGO Robin:Son of The Bat
  • LEGO Batwoman:Legacy

These games are set after the Night of The Owl canonical ending,in wich Batman sacrifices himself to save Gotham from The Court of Owls.

Games that i play(ed)

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Lego-Marvel-Comics-Mighty-Micros-Minifigure-Iron-Man.jpg +  and DarkKnightFIg1.PNG +
Lego Mark XLV.png +  and Excalibur Batman.jpg +
Iron Man Mark XLVI.jpg +  and Glam Metal Batman.jpg +
33873469334 2c0fd9db0c b.jpg +  and Batman (Tactical Suit).png +
Iron Man (Mark 50).jpg +  and Mermaid Batman.jpeg +
Lego Iron Man Endgame.jpg +  and Firestarter Batsuit.jpeg +
LEGO Iron Man 2020.png +  and Coltlbm23.png +
Mark 38.png +  and Knightmare Batman.jpg +
31294995756 f302c13b06 b.jpg +
LEGO Iron Man Mark 1.png +  and Christian Bale Batman.png +
Iron Man Mark 37.jpg +  and SpaceBatman 2015.png +
LEGO Iron Man Igor.png +  and 21380459090 4f13604a35 o.jpg +
LEGO Rescue 2020.png +  and Lego-Superman-v-Batman-76046-Heroes-of-Justice-Sky-High-Battle-Set-Batman-Minifigure.jpg +
Rescue Endgame.jpg +  and PowerBatmanBetter.png +
Iron Man Mark 39.jpg +  and Lego-Classic-TV-Series-Batcave-76052-Set-Contents-Batman-Minifigure.jpg +
LEGO Iron Man Mark 41.png +  and PirateBatman.PNG +
Mighty Micros +  and The Dark Knight Rises +
Mark 45 +  and Excalibur Batman +
Mark 46 +  and Glam Metal +
Mark 47 +  and Tactical Suit +
Mark 50 +  and Mermaid Batman +
Mark 85 +  and Firestarter +
Square Enix Game +  and Wizbat +
Igor (Game) +  and Knightmare Batman +
Model Prime +
Mark 1 +  and Batman Begins +
Mark 37 +  and Space Suit +
Igor +  and LEGO Dimensions +
Rescue 2020 +  and Batman V Superman +
Rescue 2019 +  and Battle Suit +
Gemini +  and 1966 +
Bones +  and Pirate Batman +