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My favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My favorite color is Green. I love painting my nails so my nails are never plain. Right now if you were wondering my nail color now is Red, Orange and White I have 2 sisters. I was born in AUGUST. My favorite holidays are Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter. I love Summer.Cause my b-day is in the summer lol. My favorite Seasons are, Spring, Winter Fall and Summer of course. I didnt know about Legos until my little cousin brought home some and I loved them guess I was missing out. My favorite food is ummm I`m not sure alot but Im picky at the same time. I have about maybe 80 lego pieces or more.I am really into hex bugs just like my really good friend that is my best friend that actually has an account for this his name is Spiderlily so go check out his page if there is more than one spiderlily which isnt likely his pic is the world. If you need to know some facts about legos meaning you are a beginner of learning about legos or liking them please go check out my blogs to help you learn more. If you want to do a blog please check out my page to show more info. thanks for taking a look at my page! I am always on here all the time I am on here so you can always chat with me so I can tell you a little bit about legos if you are a beginner like I said.

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