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aka Jay Wilson

  • My occupation is Bully Scholarship Edition, Plants vs. Zombies, LEGO, DC and Marvel
  • I am Male

Hey there, I'm Jay Wilson A.K.A Jay4190! and I'm a fan of DC and Marvel, My best friend is Brian4178 and my brothers are Daniel4180, Bucky4194 and Jared4170.

My favorite Iron Man armors

LEGO Iron Man Mark 1
LEGO Iron Man Mark 5
Iron Man Mark 37
LEGO Iron Man Igor
Iron Man Mark 39
LEGO Iron Man Mark 41
Lego Mark XLVIII
76105 Iron Man
Lego Mark XLV
Iron Man Mark XLVI
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76125 alt13
Lego Iron Man Endgame
LEGO Iron Man 2020
Mark 1Mark 5Mark 37 "Hammerhead"Mark 38 "Igor"Mark 39 "Gemini"Mark 41 "Bones"Mark 43Mark 43 (No chestplate)Mark 45Mark 46Mark 47Mark 50Mark 85Square Enix Game

My favorite Spider-Man suits

Spider-Man (Homecoming)
Iron Spider (IW)
LEGO Spider-Man 2019
Spider-Man Stealth Suit
HomecomingMCU Iron SpiderComicsStealth
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