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Hello, my name (not real) is Joža Bezeg, or in english Josh Eldertree. . My profile picture is based on my personality(Lego minifigures Swashbuckler). If you'll see a weird edit made by me, please, don't be confused - I'm new in the busness! 🙃🙂 This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

The Swashbuckler dreams of adding his own legend to those of the Forestman and other famous heroes. He’s practiced with his sword, learned all about sailing ships and riding horses, and read lots and lots of romantic poetry…and now he’s finally ready to show the world what a dashing and daring hero he can be!

He’s not quite perfect at it yet, though. He’s got the right wardrobe, and he definitely has the shiny teeth and charming laugh down pat, but the brim of his big floppy hat keeps falling in front of his eyes, and his puffy shirt always gets snagged on things at just the wrong moment. Still, if he keeps it up, one day the Swashbuckler is sure to succeed in becoming the true hero he’s always longed to be!

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